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Kanaighat Welfare Association UK’s AGM held


Kanaighat Welfare Association UK organised its Annual General Meeting on 23rd October at Holiday Inn Hotel in East London.   Hundreds of Kanaighat ex-residents joined the meeting where participants discussed the development in Kanaighat and the future activities of the organisation.

At the event two meritorious persons were given credit of honour. Former Chairman of Kanaighat Upozila Parishad Late M A Raqib was given posthumous medal award and former Chairman of Kanaighat Number 7 Banighat Union Foijur Rahman received lifelong award.

President of Kanaighat Welfare Association UK Nizam Uddin Chowdhury presided over the meeting.  General Secretary Md Iqbal Hossian presented the activities of the organisation to the audience. Md Riaj Uddin and Sarwar Kabir jointly conducted the meeting where the speakers were Vice-president Faruk Ahmed, A K M Shamsuzzaman Bahar, Shamim Ahmed Shamul, Mrs Shamirun Chowdhury, Joint Secretary Rashid Ahmed, Salauddin Khasru, Shamsuzzoha Chowdhury Sohel, Professor Kamal Uddin, Najmul Islam and others.

Treasurer Abdur Rahman Bulbul submitted the annual report of the orgnaisation.

Other guests who addressed the audience included Najmul Islam, Sohel Raja, Ziaur Rahman, Nurul Huda, Nurul Alam, Fahim Ahmed, Shuebur Rahman, Roknul Kabir, Iqbal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Aftob Chowdhury Kaosor, Hasan Ahmed, Alamgir Kabir, Mostak Ahmed, Tajul Islam, Salauddin Ahmed, Moktar Ahmed, Helal Uddin, Eklimur Reja Chowdhury Manna, Mujibur Rahman, Ahmed Soleman, Fahad Ahmed, Masum Ahmed, Mahtabur Rahman, Kaosar Ahmed, Mostofa Kamal, Abul Foyez, Tofael Ahmed, Suhel Ahmed, Afjal Ahmed, Shahin Ahmed, Aminul Islam, Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury, Ilias Ali, Mokoddos Ali, Najrul Islam, Rashed Ahmed, Maruf Ahmed, Jamil Hossain, Ashraful Ambia and others.

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