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Jhenidah Sadar Sub-registrar was found to have leaked extensive corruption and fraud

Jhenidah Sadar sub-registrar has been subjected to leakage of documents related to the land through corruption, irregularities and fraud against death hunters. In the civil court, he has done the land records without any court order, ban on the land, documents, deposits, deposits and submission of land. In this case, the plaintiff of the case filed a case of cancellation of the seized documents in Jhenidah Civil Court against 9 people who have been fighting the Sub-registrar.

The plaintiff of the case Md Saifur Rahman said in written complaint that the death penalty of Jhenidah Sadar Sub-Registrar has been completed on 16/8/2017 by a document about the huge amount of excavation through corruption, irregularities and fraud. Whose serial no-7446, no-no-7441, Jaffir Tafshilat- 125, Jhenaidah mouza, former Khatian No. 857 and 857/1, and S. Khatian No.-212 of the former stain no. 823, Bata stain 1081 and S. Dag no. -1719 Land size: 8th century The price of the land has been fixed at 10.15 million taka

According to the property transfer law, the name of the land purchased for registration of the land, namazari (nomination), submissions, and submission of mandatory registration are mandatory. However, in the case of the registration of the document, the court has discharged the court’s nomination (nomination), dismissed and passed the death sub-registrar’s death-hunting document without the submission of the information.

When the matter is known, after the execution of the document, the corrupt group of sub-registrar office has collected two entries signed by the Assistant Officer (Tahsildar), on behalf of the Sub-Registrar, on 17/8/2017, from the sadar municipal office of corruption. Submitted by serial no. 170772 and 170873 dated 17/8/2017 Then the clique added that the two entries were attached to the registered daily notice on 16/8/17. When the date of submission of the registered document with the date of registration, the cattle of the bag will emerge.

It has also been mentioned in the complaint that in the 7th order of the document registered on 16/8/017, the document no. 5874 dated 19/6/88, document no-54770 dated 25/06/08, document no-8630 dated -10 / 9/1990, Date no-1786 dated -11 / 3/1993 and Document no -4227 dated -4 / 5/2001. On 23/04/017, for the unification of deposits, deposits and deposits, Datta Sahityur Rahman filed a nomination case with Jahanidah Sadar Assistant Commissioner (Land). In response to the application, the Land Assistant Officer of the municipal land office submitted the report. Concerned ULOs

No-5590 / 9-1 / 016-2017, the case recommended for dismissal. In the light of the report of the ULO, the Sadar Assistant Commissioner (Land) dismissed the Miss Case (case) on 2/08/17. Despite the fact that none of the papers required to be handed over (to sell) land, the sub-registrar has illegally acquired the possession of the possession of the land by corruption through a lot of excise duty.

In addition to the documents, the municipality has to submit income tax certificate. In that document, there was no authenticity of TIN no -3444582858177 of Chameli Khatun and TIN no -3449582 58177 of Sultana Zakia Ferdous. He also alleged that the land was registered by using fake TIN no.

In this case, the plaintiff of the case Mohammad Saifur Rahman on 9/08/2017 for canceling the registered document no-7441 on 9/08/2017, filed a warrant against 9 people including sub-registrar, vendor and buyer, and the Jinnah Joint District Judge The case was filed for cancellation. Case No.- Dang-78/17 dated 09/10/2017 The defendants are: Datta-Sahidur Rahman, sub-registrar’s death hunter, Kazi Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Md Tipu Sultan, Md. Oliar Rahman, Mohammad Mamun Aziz, Moshar Chameli Khatun, Spepani Rani Biswas and Sultana Zakia Ferdous. When asked about Jhenaidah Sadar sub-district’s death penalty, he refused to talk about the deed.

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