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In Jhenaidah, the high value crop yield has increased in the past four years

In Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, the cultivation of high yielding crops has increased several times in the last four years. These include the cultivation of corn, aus, aman paddy, flowers, summer melon, banana, mango and peppe.

Farmers of different villages of sadar upazila think that silent revolution is happening in agriculture. According to the information provided by Sadar Upazila Agriculture Office, the cultivation of maize in 17 union parishads of Jhenaidah sadar upazila in the year 2013-14 fiscal was 1,50 hectares.

In the current fiscal year 2016-17, it increased to 3 thousand 5 hectares of land. In the year 2013-14 fiscal, there were 6,300 maftikon corn production. In the current fiscal year, it increased to 28 thousand metric tons The income from which is 52 million 92 thousand taka Aus paddy was cultivated in Jhenidah Sadar upazila in the year 2013-2016 at 6 6 70 hectares of land.

In the current fiscal year it increased to 22 hectares of land. In the last 4 years, different villages of Sadar upazila have increased flowers, summer watermelon, banana, mango and peppe. It has improved the standard of living with income generation and the peasants of those areas are improving.

Farmer Atar Ali of Sadhuhati village of Sadar upazila informed that the Department of Agriculture Department of Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila has spread new technology to the farmers. For this reason, he can cultivate paddy and other crops in over-the-counter fields.

Farmer Atar Ali said, Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer Dr. With the technical support of Khan Mohammad Moniruzzaman, he is currently cultivating rice and other crops in 10 bighas of land.

In this he is using organic fertilizers and 100% land, logo and patching. The cost of production is low, as well as the yield has increased. He used the same method in the Amon season due to Aus yield. He hopes to produce a good yield.

Madhuhati farmer Ramadan said that he had cultivated poppy soil in just 10 kathas over two years ago. But on the advice of the Sadar Upazila Agriculture Department, he is now cultivating maize on 3 bighas of land.

He is happy to get more yield. He hopes to cultivate maize in the next crop. Ganna Union Chairman Nasir Uddin Malita said in 2013. Since joining Khan Mohammad Moniruzzaman, he is spreading new technology services among the peasants who have run from one field to another. By which, according to health, rice, corn, mustard, flowers, sesame seeds and vegetables are being produced more.

If this continuation continues, Jhenaidah and Bangladesh will go a step further in agriculture. Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila Agriculture Officer Dr. Khan Mohammad Moniruzzaman said that I am doing my best to improve the farmers.

For the implementation of Vision-21 of the agri-friendly government, new sustainable technologies are being implemented by promoting high quality crops in the environment. Because of this, grain intensity increased in Sadar upazila. We hope that the farmers of Kendriya-friendly government will be able to make significant contributions to the implementation of Vision-21.

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