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Jainaidaha bamboo bridge can be made up to 3 taka per person and small vehicles earning 10 taka per 10

16 years after the collapse, the construction of the Tikiri bridge at Sanchi river of Jahanaidaha’s Narikelbariya-Tikari road was not possible.

For many days, thousands of people suffer from crossing the bamboo bridge in exchange for money, pedestrians. Motorcycles, bicycles can be crossed by the bridge but no heavy vehicle can operate. Because of which there is no end to suffering people of the past.

Locals said that on June 6, 2016, the bridge over the Sanchi River collapses near Tikari Bazar of Narikelbaria-Tikari road in their area. Then topslab was broken by the local LGED. But today’s construction work was not started. Locals said that Sattu was built in 1994. The local LGED Division built the bridge.

Passing along this bridge, people from several villages of Jitra, Miyakundu, Kushobariya, Dhananjaypur, Mukarampur, Maraniband, Nariklabaria, Tikri, Dakhkhola, Dighirpar, Lakhipur, Malanchi, Bages, Barilil etc. This road has been moved to Magura town from Jhenaidah district town. Due to heavy load of traffic, this bridge also runs on this bridge.

Local dweller Anwar Hossain said before the collapse of the bridge they informed the LGED office. After getting the news they went through a signboard to not carry heavy traffic. That way it was coming.

Heavy vehicles did not operate. Van, Nasiman, Kariman, Bicycles used to move. Occasionally two of a cowboy movement. The bridge collapsed in this condition. Then they hoped to repair the LGED fast bridge by thinking of the people of the past.

In the bridge area, it is found that people cross the row by crossing the bridge made of side bamboo. Every year for every year, every 10 taka per small vehicles will be taken for every rupee.

Locals also said that this bridge was the only reliance on the movement of the overflowing people. All communications of people have been disconnected as the bridge collapsed. Normal people can not cross any kind of goods.

There is a need to take over the goods from the boat. Subhash Kumar, a local scientist, built this bamboo bridge. Pedestrians are walking over it. He said that by doing this he is doing man’s duty.

If the bridge was not built, the suffering of the public was not finished. He said the collapse of the bridge has been broken. The original pillars are standing.

The topslab will be built on it. In this regard, LGED’s Jhenaidah Executive Engineer Abdul Malek said, they have already tender for the construction of the bridge. But we can not work due to rain. He hoped that they would be able to build the bridge faster.

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