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Role of youth society in self-employment (Abdul bayat Milon )

Youth society is one of the main drivers of country and nation. The country has improved in the proper use of this energy, the development of the nation, and all the complexities of social life are abolished. It becomes possible to make social changes.

It is therefore seen that the revolutionary changes in different countries in different times have played a major role in this youth society. Youth is playing a huge role in the development of the nation and overall development. Thousands of unknowingly unknowing workers from the highest degree of letters start paying homage to unemployment.

As a result, an application for an appointment to fill vacancies can be seen to submit thousands of applications. Again, this unemployment can lead to a kind of frustration. Medicines, adultery, gambling, theft, robbery etc. are also born from unemployment. Besides, going in error or engaging in criminal organizations and not having accurate knowledge of the Qur’an and Hadith.

Inequality is a shocking crime in all the criteria of religious, social and ideological. It has been considered an injustice to all religions and countries since time immemorial. Islam considers this crime to be the most hated.
The person who is accustomed to gambling becomes lazy, indifferent and indifferent to earning gradually. His only worry is to sit on the wrong way and take the goods of others so that no effort is required.

Thus, they become lazy day by day, so they can not contribute to the development of the country and nation. In the case of gambling, gambling creates chaos and animosity in each other.

Because the defeated person naturally nurtures hatred and animosity towards the winning person and becomes an enemy. Fights at one stage of victory and defeat in the game have even been witnessed till the assassination.

It can be mentioned here that thousands of people are unemployed A large part of it is youth society. This youth society is becoming the majority among drug addicts or miscreants. Youth is one of the main drivers of country and nation’s strength, their miserable pain is truly painful.

Now it is proven to be about volunteer resources that if there is work, there is speed. Where there is no room for frustration. I can not surrender at all. The surrender means the loser is lost.

What can be done without being surrendered from life is to make employment in God’s own household, depending on God, which can be said in one word – self-employment. Thus, it is possible to overcome disappointments by arranging their actions; On the other hand, it is possible to improve the country and the nation with their own labor and service. On the basis of Allah, patient should seek the help of Allah, the owner of the Rezik. There should always be three things to do, which is 1. To avoid harmful and unlawful content. 2. Force yourself in worship and obedience to Allah and 3. Be patient in any danger. Those who are patient, Allah (SWT) helps them. Allahu ta’ala al-Qarim Allah said, “O you who believe, pray through prayer and prayer (to Allah). Surely Allah is with the Believers. “(Surat al-Baqarah, 2: 153) Sometimes happiness comes in human life, and sometimes sorrow comes. He must be patient in all situations in adverse circumstances. Today’s society will hope that today’s youth will build a happy and prosperous future by becoming good and prosperous.

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