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Jhenaidah’s Rafiqul death, where will the twins sister Rumu-Jhum?

The family received six lakh rupees for writing on Facebook, news portals and newspapers. But Rafiqul’s kidney transplant did not change. Due to this money, Dhaka is going to stay in Dhaka for ten months. Finally, she sipped the cup of death.

The deceased was identified as Rafiqul, son of late Adil Uddin Malitha of Bazar-Gopalpur village of Jhenaidah Sadar upazila on Tuesday morning. Two months ago when Rafiqul went to Jhenaidah to Dhaka, he told neighbors that you should keep watching the two girls.

Yes he told her Joomja girl Rumu and Jhumur. He did not believe his word would be so fast. Wife Rowshan Ara and college-reader, Rafiqul Islam was always worried about the future of two daughters of the twins.

In his absence, the girl could read both of them, or say repeatedly that it will not be closed. 50 years old Rafiqul’s two kidneys are destroyed. Rafiqul, a non-governmental organization accountant for a little salary

The job was his only reliance. With the money of this job, he rented a house in Jhenaidah town and used to make two daughters naked. After Rafiqul’s death, wife Rowshan Ara and two daughters will get shelter? Because they have no land in the village. There is no deposit in the bank.

Can not any hearted person take responsibility for the education of the girl? Contact the family 01621-48080, 01915-095986, 01621-4808055. In the end, thanks to Rafiqul’s financial assistance, the government’s senior officials thanked local foreigners for their helpless families. On Tuesday evening, Rafiqul will be buried at his family graveyard in his own village.

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