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Respected Khadija beloved wife of Mohammed SAS


Fatema Miah : Name Khadija has the prominence with the faith Islam. In this Lunar Arabic month of Rabiul Awal  let’s pay respect to our mother of Islam honourable Khadija with SAS.

This honourable lady should be addressed as in my term, the nurturer of or the mother of faith.  Islam.  Mohammed SAS the Key and the founder of Islam, the last prophet and on whom Al Quran the last  testimony was revealed upon was showered with care and passionate romance by lady Khadija RA.

Prophet Mohammed SAS was born in the Quraish family. He was an orphan of both parents and was raised by uncles under Grand Father Abdul Mutalibs guardianship. Maccans and Arabs saw many miracles, amusement on the birth of Mohammed SAS, and his prophetic signs were recognised by Jews and Christians.

After death of Abdul Mutalib, prophet Muhammed felt lonely, because of  his uncles resentments towards noble him for his noble fashion and admittance towards the only oneness of creator.  They began to be hursh towards him. That’s when Khadija opened her trade door towards peace be upon him.

Khadija at the age of 40 married Prophet SAS who was age 25 and they had children together. She was only wife who bore his children. They had a loving relationship, lived together in peace and maintained mutual understand. They adopted and gave shelter to other people in their house. They maintained a good  business relationship also, where She had the wealth and prophet SAS did run the business on her behalf. Khadija RA, supported SAS with his spiritual work. She was the 1st  believer of Islam. Peace be upon them.





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