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Slave free and Prophets birth

Fatema Miah : It is international Slave Abolition day 2nd of December.

The topic Eid Milad un Nabi. Its about twist of phrases and emotional word use.  Question is whether Prophet pbuh’s birthday celebration is right thing or forbidden?   Eid means celebration, milad farshi word.

Some people say Prophet neither the companions  celebrated Eid Milad un Nabi nor it was part of in the Establishment of Islam, so they consider it to be forbidden act to celebrate Prophets Birthday. May be politically correctness will be best application here, with a perimeter  of moderation.

Prophet  peace be Upon him was an orphan of both parents, in that case who would have celebrated orphan child’s birthday?  Yes, His birth was celebrate in the sky, in the heaven, and Jew priest and Christian monk recognised the blessing and signs of miracles and they celebrated praised the birth of baby Quraish Mohammed pbuh with hailing.

When it comes to the companions pbut, they wanted to celebrate prophets  birthday, that prophet  pbuh didn’t want it. He never wasted time on random things. Never wanted attention, he was against wasteful  and rather was concern for deprived and neglected ones. Sahabas peace be upon them didn’t conduct in war on prophets pbuh birthday. The birth date of prophet was held with regard.

Milad un Nabi a random act of culture People made it into custom century later.  Some People “doth protest too much” and others totally dismissive.  Remembering Prophets birth is a fact and fundemental part of Islam. Its has spiritual to social pleasant aspects of tales on his birth. Entire Arab regions applauded at his birth. Angels praised and the constellation descended down. In the history, for the 1st time a slave was set free.

The date of Prophet birth is a memorable day for mankind. It was a blessing day. Now, it has turned into  as such; From simple remembering the date, to over beating or extravagancy. In India and Pakistan it is turned into a conflicting, controversial, and provoking act.  Pakistani terrorists uses this date for their malice plans.

Where, prophet  pbuh grandfather Abdul Mutalib there in Makkah freed a slave on the day of prophets (peace be upon him)  birth and fed the poors in rejoice.  He was Makkah tribal leader and it was his first Grandson and his beloved late son Abdullah’s son.  That was in 570 CE, in the 6th century.

People do not act right with good example rather go and do as they feel. Psychology!  In India, and Pakistan they do it in competition against Matura Nanda, Krishna celebration not for religion Islam for the love of prophet and to spread love. Instead of going over the board, Prophets examples acts of care, love and peace can be exercised on his Birthday.

Now here, we western and internationally celebrate the slave free, the abolition of slavery in the 19th century. Just worth  remembering From the birth of Mohammed pbuh slave free acts began and at the establishment of Islam slave abolition and equal right was applied.

Still, to todays date slavery is on going, due to inequality and starvation. For the sake of Prophet Muhammed pbuh, our Muslim men should stand to justice and equality example to save humanity.




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