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Flavoured celebratory Victory 

Fatema Miah : This year 2017 16 December the  victorious day of Bangladesh marks  a memorable point. The celebration of Victory makes it double joyous.   The November 2017s acknowledgement of 7th Marchs speech as I wrote previously it marks a significant point in Bangladeshis ethnic domain, it is matter of pride and over due aspect of Bangladeshi peoples and Nations right that was neglected in the past decades.

Victorious December this year actually marks really victorious with UNISCO’s recognition,  It is a positive move that after all, Worlds responsible beings are waking up from decades long sleep.  After the Bangla Language been recognised and enlisted as the International Language , after years now The 7th of Marchs Speech of Mujibur Rahmans declaration of war of Bangladesh independence in 1971 now acknowledged and enlisted as international heritage. It bits the drum  “another one bites to dust”.

From there on it turned towards the war of independence. The speech was plain simple, with sequences of account of occurrnces, the cry of being fed-up, determination of rights, refusal of further oppression and enslavement, the message was for the public or citizen making them alert to be firm, to stand up fearlessly. The Speech was delivered assertively to an eagerly anticipated audience.

UNISXO, hasn’t enlisted Bangladesh civil war,  or failed to be unbiased. A thank is due for this  response. While thanking I simultaneously, voice my opinion that UNISCO has delayed this rightful issue for too long. Bangladesh Independence issue, democide and this declaration  was over due for a recognition for decades. The genocide isn’t acknowledged, though officially not enlisted.  Why? Was it an attempt to oppress the issue due to Bangladesh’s inadequacy to a stable political stance? Or was it purely neglegency towards a victim nation in favouring Pakistan for it’s climbing to the hip by stepping on others?  Or was it a fear factor due to Pakistani nuclear power?  Or was it developed world was  proud of Pakistans nuclear achievement? Ooh! The Muslim world!

It was concerning that generations were going past and Bangladesh War Saga and the drastic truth was not only not talk about properly, rather was oppressed, attempted to be wiped off by twisting the facts, here it the highlighted deep marked factor caused, the neglegency bore an unpleasant scene before not only Bangladeshi society, the world as whole specially, Western world, Our Britain here and USA the prime Pakistani supporter end up facing it. A generation was misled  and space created for radicalisation to be sided in, and manifested and  shaped to its fullest, Western world having to face and stressfully dealing with it.

A group been misled with understanding of western unfairness. Jihadi Johns wife was a Pakistani, not to forget who rooted and panned-out and solidified the IS.  Majority Pakistanis are hate mongering and filthy jealous . They deny, oppress and are  thought controlling.  They cry crocodile tears to oppress the truth. They hate people for having a wake vision of undistorted view. Talking about true chapter of history it isn’t crime or sin. There is Nothing to be shamed about  to be known as the victim nation or ethnicity.

The truth was oppressed for too long, neglected under Pakistani influence on USA. As I wrote in my Book Unspoken. World condoned, Muslim World Allowed and USA supported and remained UNSPOKEN. I posted  copies of Unspoken to UNISCO, and to many other responsible organisations. It does matter to every Bangali ethnic person that the truth denied justice oppressed.  We are Muslims not every individual political oriented, it is sad being victimised though I am proud of my  ethnicity rather is a victim, not the perpetrator.

The Declaration  Under the circumstances, it was right decision at the right tine for the Bangladeshi people. The declaration of independence had no alternative. Mujibur Rahman as an elected reader was compelled to this stance, and at that time, there weren’t any contradiction from Bangladeshi people.  Although, later on Pakistanis by tact, managed to separate a group with  opposite view.  There were many factors;  fear factor, Bangladesh unarmed, Pakistani power, misunderstanding was created in minds  about India Non-Muslim Hindus playing tactics against Muslims. And obviously there is a small factor of Evil malice minded greedy, low minded group played ill.

With such waking up signs, hopefully there will be  more positive turning to see ahead in favour of justice and true Chapters will be marked down for positive teaching for the Globalism as a whole. There were many worked on this topic to be acknowledge, with a joyful appreciation my sincere thanks to them. Weldon for this 2nd giant step! For this victory there were los of Many lives. We shall not forget to read Fateha for the Muslim souls and peace prayers for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Eventually, Bangladesh had a joyous victory in December 1971, at the cost of bloodshed, loss and ruins. This year being enlisted as heritage flavour has been added to the victory celebration.  Happy Independence!

Fatema Miah