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Jerusalem and Trumps utterance

Fatema Miah : Question is and it is concerning what Trump is up to about, fuelled up the fire in Jerusalem. We concern beings disapprove USAs dictationship and Israelis oppression. Trump fuelled fire in Middle East. Israel already power abusing on Palestinians, we cannot accept Trumps idioticness, Palestine needs support with homes and rights not be further oppressed.  Hamas isn’t rightly political, I personally believe, thus, question is who is right here?
Israel Palestinians issue has been continues and never ending. There the children of Palestinian site  are most effected. Worlds responsible being and organisations failing to safeguard children. Ok western organisations are blames being partial, then what about Arab regional leaders? Where is their input, work and role? questions remained unanswered.
Now someone said as such ‘the Middle East is in turmoil anyway, so what difference does it make’? Then he suggest, ‘This is the fallacious argument which accepts that the Palestinians are landless, and should accept (by default) Israeli authority over them’. Now, I do not see much wrong in his suggestion. Yes, I ask, why Palestinians don’t take on Israeli leadership and begin on a new condition?
The conflicting saga been dragged on and on. Arab rich countries sat back careless and not bothered. They neither have democratic understanding nor leadership quality,  thus they are having joy of power gain by begging from West, that they unaware of correct application and supplication. In that sense West, USA surely feel the right to exercise their saying in Middle East issue.
It seems to be  the U.S is a huge contributor to Israel’s arms, and what shows here that as long as there is conflict in Palestine and the Middle East, they get to test their weapons and also make profits from it. This market isn’t new made under Trump Government. It has been ongoing since birth of Israel, continued fullest under Obama government.
From George, to Bush and then Obama have suggested Jerusalem to be Capital of Israel. Now, Trump suddenly announced Jerusalem to be Capital of Israel. What’s wrong with word capital? Israel used power, captured and controlled  Jerusalem for so long and prevented Muslims entering holy temple and conflict dragged on.
Whether to argue for sake of an arguement or to seek a viable solution.  A capital city is surely to be open world widely with diversity, hence,  the holy sites should be opened as worlds heritage to tourists. I do not see Muslims defeat in it that way.  Reaction aroused over it. Arab leaders shown resentment.
There miss Fatima Begum wrote, title she questioned ‘does Trump have power over Jerusalem’? The laughter is, yes, USA is worlds super power and dominance, does it need to be said?  Then she self reverted back to her answer, and finished with questioning herself, whether its colonisation?  She showed  little empathy for Palestinians and escaped that the utterance by Trump is outside international Law. (U.N and Oslo accord). This is unilateral decision, and inflammatory.
It’s about mind set and it’s capacity. With her style of saying, it proves her short comings. Such mentality level are more prone to swipe into  the pathways to radicalisation. She clearly showing weakness in thought process of handling the injustice subject matter. Her Process of info input is reactive, and Shallow and sharp output.
In that article Fatima Begum appeared as, having a toddlers like tantrum. Does anyone have power besides USAs dominance super power over Jerusalem?  The entire world crying under USAs domination and we concern being crying for Palestinians safeguarding issue, Fatima Begum is ranting in world of her own with her copy and paste data, and some fact figures.
The historical background accounts of Jerusalem has many twist and curves. It’s time line marks significance that’s are validate the rights of Jerusalem to all three faiths. To be able to serve justice equally, avoiding religious conflict over holy site, this might be politically SMART decision for a right solution, preventing spiritual quarrel caused  by distorted  emotion?
The concern is,  Palestinians rights and Israeli injustice still remain prime factor. Fear has been breeding about USAs neo-Empire building, is Trump domination seeking to solve Arab issue or is it to approve Israel’s power abuse?  The world leaders better to sit on round table discussion to clarity. Jerusalem Worlds or Universal centre of attraction, isn’t it right to be worlds Capital?

Fatema Miah