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Snowbabies or Embryology of Cryopreservation

Fatema Miah:


While this subject matter is an applauding in rejoice of  amusement, it also throws astonishment concerning questions of inquisition?

Our science has advanced as such to an amazing highest point, it’s advanced improved features and experiments had brought an amazing result  in 2017s time of todays world.  A snowbaby was born of an Embryo has been frozen for 24 years. It’s age mates are grown up into fully adulthood ready to be parents themselves. There also have been embryo transferred babies born in the past years.

News released on the 20th of December 2017 about the birth of a snowbaby, was born  from a transplanted embryo that was frozen since 1992. The pregnancy with fetuse was Carried out and the baby was given birth by a 25 year old American female in November 2017. The age of the embryo is as nearly same age as its  birth mother. The baby was delivered in well good normal condition.

Embryology  was a subject matter of scientific and medical experiment since past 3 decades and it had culminated to a successful  advancement with desired result. It has made impossible possible for many couples with low or zero fertility. Or has become an option for saving the eggs and sperm for later years to save the chance to become parents when the individuals will be ready for parenting.

In the past decades before scientific advancement to embryology transferring, many individuals, more in Western middle class had faced disappointment for loss of fertility while being busy and not prepared to become  parents, in completing education and making a career. Later on, when they were ready to be parents  they had faced disappointment, they found out it was late to conceive.

Embryology is the branch of Biology, the study of cells and DNA. Embryology study history goes back to time of Aristotle who studied, observed,  experimented and gathered, and came to finding that male semen functions to female menstruation fluid like milk to curd to human reproduction and it require the uterus as an incubator. The theory was experimented various of time throughout.

It says in Quran that male semen curd inside women’s worm mixed with women’s menstrual blood,  and develop into human fetuse.  The study on the subject has been done for centuries and confirmed the functioning as the same findings of Aristotle’s research theory.  In the early 20th century, embryologist thought of process for preserving semen and egg to regenerate fertility.

Cryopreservation medical term for semen freezing came in function since 60s. It has  become a pretty norm and an option in the recent years.  The cryopreservation is largely functioning with sperm and eggs donations. Youngsters are encouraged to donate well functioned fully fertile semen into banks, keeping  stocks, making them available for infertile adults.

It is a highly advancement and successful medical and biology subject matter. Thus, still there are questions and concern factors remained. In term of theology, it’s validation of naturalism is in question. Is there a question on it’s Halality? Is this successfully advance method of reproduction by unnatural manner meets the ethic?

It’s like a miraculous for individuals to be able to save their egg and sperm cell, semen to bring it to embryo transferring back to their own use later on when they are ready. Specially for the cancer patient having to go though radio therapy or IU treatment that surely to damage their fertility capability. However, how about random donor banking?

Have we thought about the donated embryo transferred babies or snowbanies emotional functioning aspect?  Would these techno beings emotional functioning  be effected due to having no biological attachment. Further, the semen, egg and the fetuse incubation process had been forced  to go though  disturbances in the process.

The cryopreservation process has disturbing handling, for instances, in unconceived status it comes out to air and light, goes though transferring from tubes, most importantly the biggest factor it endures nitrogen of minus 180 to 200 extreme degree, that’s totally opposite of natural conception of in warmth and comfort.

What do we expect embryological transferred babies emotional being to be? The study of psychology surely will have added chapters from the observation of our science advancement production babies. Cryopreserved beings psychological assimilation and equilibrium surely significantly shall differ to natural reproductive conception and birth.

In our Diversed world, here another considerable category factor added and shall require subject specific educational awareness and topic of discussion to maintain inclusivity of differences.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK. fatemamiah@mail.com