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Social Class division in Tower Hamlets and Political Lie



By Afzal Sayed Munna:


Tower Hamlets, the borough we are very proud to live in, is UK’s one of the largest and fast growing home of diverse communities. Since 16th century till-to-date the borough has been a home of migrant populations and grown so fast with the enormous diversity with people from French Huguenots followed by Jewish, Irish, Bangladeshi’s and Somalia’s.  Most interestingly only 32% of the borough’s population was a natural growth while remaining 68% was migrated and born outside UK. The Census identified that Tower Hamlets residents were born in over 200 countries and has the highest percentage of Muslim residents in England.

This is a borough where we feel proud to live in harmony and love to work peacefully. However, apart from this, there is a large disparity in wealth between the borough’s richest and poorest residents and also this is the borough where we have the highest rate of child poverty in the country. At the same time the borough was also enriched politically with various political parties involvements. There were Communist, Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Labour shadow independents. However, more than a decade there was a motivated social cleansing capitalising the social class which deliberately was used to divide the people from their original thoughts and believes. The motivated cleansing was targeted to the people with limited or no formal education and especially the people who belong to the working class. This captive group of so called political parties and corrupted politicians also utilised religion as a weapon to swing votes.  There were numerous lies from this corrupted politicians and their different groups to motivate people to vote for them in the name of Islam and not by exercising their own rights. The voters were diverted to vote them as they were given false promises and also left in dark by capitalising their working class status. Particularly Labour and their shadow independents were patronising and motivating voters by saying that, it is their moral obligation to vote for them as they belong to a working class society, while others were using religious obligation as a weapon.

We, Liberal Democrats has been investigating all this and are saying to the people to know that, voting is their legal right and they should vote for the party that speaks for truth. The party that is more open, tolerant and united for the people, by the people. As a Liberal Democrats Council Candidate 2018 from Lansbury I have been meeting and greeting residents and trying to understand the undone work by the current councillors. As a teacher I always believed that, people should be treated with respect regardless to their gender, race, sex, religion and all. I believe in equality, social justice and the presence of people’s voice. The residents of Lansbury were left behind with so many false and broken promises, which I would like to deliver with the people if elected.  My priorities were always, to listen to the people and deliver what they desire. I have been transforming knowledge at different levels of people in the broader society in past nine years and would be delivering that throughout my life.

Afzal Sayed Munna

Council Candidate from Liberal Democrats 2018