Fatema Miah:

let’s re-iterate the definition of Islam is peace

A lesson on subject Hudud of Sharia must be taught. Islam demands tolerance and forgiveness. The highest and first price for Jannah the heaven is the Tolerance. The First and foremost part of Jihad is self- restraining and refraining from retaliation.

Terrorist Attacks been continues, that too in the name of Islam with uttering Allahu Akbar, the most frequently used phrase of daily utterance in our submission.  As I wrote before, thinking back 5 long years ago and in continuation, we are not making sound call of alert,  Muslims haven’t voiced and are rather denial and dismissive. It has come back to starred into our face.

Some individuals planned and attacked in the holy month of Ramadan, when war, killing and quarrel forbidden. Instead of to fast, to pray and plan activities of greeting and submissive to Allah subhanu ta’la  the creator. Further they used name of Allah, and claimed being Muslims, when being the enemy of Islam. Some people, specially western leaders including Theresa May, acknowledged  or not, thus used word Islamist / Muslim terrorists.

Muslims needs to wake up now from deep long silence to convey the correct message.  Those fanaticised terrorists do not realise the fact, it is Islam will be shamed by their terrorising  acts.  Also the clear truth is that, it is the Muslims; innocent and helpless children, women and ill/weak are the most victimised by Terrorism of  so Called “Islamic Tertorists” what they like to be addressed as.  The 1st victims of the IS are the Muslims and mainly Arab Muslims as well as others across the world.

As I previously wrote: ‘My question is; Why we Muslims failing to prevent such cruelty in the name of our faith? I am a woman and an ordinary person hence I have limitation in what and how much I can do. Anyway, within my capacity I do write against it therefore questioned was raised regarding my practise in Islam and validity of my believes. I am a genuine Muslim I can attest that. I wasn’t liked by some Muslims when I wrote that some Muslim leaders play manipulation and use ill politics in the name of Islam. Frankly speaking It is duty of men and specially Muslim Men in Islam to stand against and to fight against such cruelty.

By the way, reminder to all Muslims that Jihad was revealed to protect and defend vulnerable against such cruelty in this kind of situations. Furthermore, majority people claim to be Muslims, they do fanatically play manipulation game of ignorance and denial. Most Muslims claimers, Arabs and Pakistani people do deny the truth that is before their eyes. When the terrorists/ suicide bombers are clearly not Muslims, rather they are the Kafirs mentioned in the holly books of guidance. Kafirs were the fanatical acting, aggressive, rigid, power abusers, abused power to cause harm to the society, to individuals and against the almighty creator’s rule and have denied divinity of Almighty.

More questions arise here; Are the political deniers Muslims? To some extent it is right that Media exaggerates some issues specially, anti-Muslim campaigning Journalists/ activists with their very skilful tactics try to blame Muslims for the acts of Terrorisms, to satisfy their vengeful intolerance. By doing so, are they doing any justice to the society? No, rather they are causing damage to society by encouraging hatred between communities. Equally, some anti-non-Muslim people, those are lacking in Islamic values and failing to demonstrate appropriate mannerism; by denying such painful atrocity and being dismissive of any comments, do they benefit to any groups or individuals? No, they are causing disrespect to Islam with their ignorance opinionated comments. Another question follows on from knowing their attitude, does image of Islam matters to them? Surely not.

Also there are some Muslims; vast majority, although our voice isn’t heard, we are feeling very offended when someone kills innocent people in the name of Islam compared to getting offended by random cartoon. Muslims faith is not so weak that Muslims to feel threatened by a random cartoon or a random movie or a book by someone, to become such aggressive and violently vengeful, when definition of Jihad is not to be vengeful.

Muslims are fellow earthy human being and fellow earthy creation of Creator, the Almighty. Theologically, We Muslims are the fellow children of Prophet Adam and Lady Eve (Hawa in Islam), and descendant of Noah and Ibrahim (peace be upon them) like all other fellow human being, and we Muslims do highly respect all Prophets of Almighty. Conversely, We Muslims are the Followers of Last and Final Prophets Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was born in the 3rd Lunar calendar Arabic month. It was Monday the 12th 570 AD. Misguided Arabs were guided for sake of the Beloved, last and final Messenger of Allah, the Creator. Miraculous events occurred before the eyes of world; before his birth, at his birth and continued throughout his lifetime. He left book of guidance and books of instruction on how to lead a moral life. Our compassionate hearted and finest character Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) left examples of moral and compassionate acts, those teaching, with admiration were followed by his companions (peace be upon them). With demonstration and instruction were passed onto the Islamic representatives to continue with such dignified high moral ethics of Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Muslims are the believers of Islam and the representatives of Islam. A definition of Islam is continuation of representation of the value, moral and ethical teaching of Mohammed (peace be upon him) that the respected Prophet established the faith named Islam. According to highly spiritual Scholars, Islam is derivational of slm, means peace. May our creator the Almighty help us to take the right teaching of values and follow them appropriately.’

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com