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UK for strong democracy in Bangladesh 


British High Commissioner in Dhaka Alison Blake on Wednesday said the United Kingdom wants to be part of Bangladesh’s journey towards a middle-income country and laid emphasis on having strong democracy.

Blake said one of the things they strongly believe is democracy — free, fair, participatory and inclusive elections.

The High Commissioner said this is the best way for future prosperity, stability and creating a society where everyone feels that they have stake and voice.

She also recalled the role of strong civil society and media.

Blake was addressing a lunch event hosted at the British High Commission Club for journalists.

This was also an opportunity to introduce all to their new British Deputy High Commissioner Kanbar Hossein Bor and new Head of Press and Communications Nisar Hussain.

Highlighting Bangladesh-UK growing relations, the High Commissioner said Bangladesh has genuinely transformed aviation security arrangements.

She laid emphasis on further strengthening trade ties with Bangladesh. “We can do more.”

The High Commissioner said they are now concentrating more on places like Bangladesh where economies are developing rapidly.

On Rohingya issue, she said they are doing a lot of things together.

The High Commissioner stressed having a long-term sustainable solution to the ongoing Rohingya crisis.

She said they want to see that Rohingyas return to their homes safely and with dignity.