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Poor representation by Tower Hamlets Speaker on human rights issues

Afzal Sayed Munna:

I would like to say a big thank you to Bangladesh Prime Minister for her recent invite to the Speaker of UK Tower Hamlets Council Sabina Akhtar. There is no doubt about your leadership and wise policy delivery for the good of the country. You have certainly delivered all you promised since you came to power. You made people feel the true independence and what actually the word being democratic means to us. I also must have to appreciate your sincere developmental contribution towards woman empowerment, trade & business and youth skills development. No doubt near future Bangladesh is going to be one of the many to rule the information technology world and which was only possible under your visionary leadership.

As a Liberal Democrats activist and campaigner and being a Bangladeshi born I do a quite lot of social and community development works along with my local party. We as a diverse team believe every people’s rights has to be respected and everyone should be treated equally. We are a party that believes, together we are much more stronger for an Open, Tolerant and United society.

However, I am quite surprised that Tower Hamlets Council Speaker Sabina Akhtar has appraised you in every aspects of your leadership but she never mentioned the primary concern of the people leaving outside the country. It is a burning question to many about the recent raising abduction of many by state forces. It was indeed identified and brought into British Labour MP Tulip Siddiq who also denied making any form of comments in public. There were no public pressure on her but only a request was placed to her to raise the issue to you personally and not as British MP as you both the family relatives.  The usual way the labour failed and similar way Tower Hamlets Council Speaker Sabina Akhtar failed and ignored to raise the issue to you. I personally believe there was a great opportunity to talk to about this while you invite her to listen about the well-beings of Bangladeshis in United Kingdom.

According to Human Rights Watch, 6 July 2017 ‘’Bangladesh law enforcement agencies have a long history of human rights violations. The ruling Awami League party took office in January 2009 with the promise to end such abuses. However, according to Odhikar, a Dhaka-based human rights organization, Bangladesh law enforcement agencies have since disappeared over 320 people, including suspected criminals, militants, and, more recently, opposition members. Of these, 50 were later killed, and dozens remain disappeared. The rest were either released or formally produced in court as recent arrests’’.

This is not a very happy statement to read as a NRB and a person who love his birth country as same as his mother, as same as you. I personally believe it was a total failure by Sabina Akhtar to miss the opportunity to talk to you about the issue.

No surprise! Labour and Labour shadow has a long-standing failure history and were misleading people in many ways. No Shame!

Afzal Sayed Munna

Liberal Democrats Activist and Campaigner