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Six days of non-stop demonstration: UK BNP is breaking the record

Whenever Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wazed visits foreign countries, the opposition BNP holds demonstration against the government and displays black flags.  However, this time UK BNP has broken all the records by continuing to take part in demonstration for six days non-stop.  This started on 16th April and ended on Sunday 22nd April. Apart from demonstrating in front of reception hall, they also organised protest and demonstration at other places

When leaders of the UK BNP were asked the reasons for the six days long protests and demonstrations and what were the achievements from this, President of UK BNP M A Malek said that they cannot stay at home or sit idle when our mother Khaleda Zia is in jail.  We want her to be free, we want the end of all political oppression and we want the freedom of media and implementation of human rights in Bangladesh, he said.

He also said the that it is the result of their protests and demonstrations that the world media is now portraying  Sheikh Hasina’s government as a dictator government and it is also the result of their movements that the world media is publishing the death, kidnap and harassment of political activist in Bangladesh.

General Secretary Koysor M Ahmed said that wherever there will be Sheikh Hasina, UK BNP will protest and demonstrate.  He also said that as long as UK BNP will be in the UK, UK BNP will be in the fields.  He emphasised that thousdands and thosuands of activists from all over the UK and Europe came to London to take part in the demonstration and to free the country.