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Reveal your gorgeous self with perfect makeup

Reveal your gorgeous self with perfect makeup

Substandard and fake cosmetics are being allegedly distributed by a section of unscrupulous traders with the help of law enforcers. These inferior products look uncannily similar to popular branded ones. Beware of them! There is really no way to make a definitive list of the best makeups from the most popular brands but there is a way to get close to knowing what the best choices are from each brand. Not only the quality matters but the order in which you should apply it also impacts a lot. Here is exactly the right order to apply your makeup – Liquid foundation – concealer – blush – eyeshadow – eyeliner – mascara – eyebrow pencil – lip colour.Wear makeup that will enhance your features and aspects of your particular face shape, while minimising your less favourite attributes. First cast a glance on your face shape. Then learn the makeup tips to yield your best look as different face shapes need different kinds of makeup.  When you try to copy look of your favourite celebrity, you may end up looking not just bad but odd too, mostly, since you may not have the same face shape as that of her. After choosing the right type of makeup according to your face shape, pop some colours to make the most of your features.

To start with, give the perfect base with basic cleansing and moisturising of your facial skin. Pick the foundation shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Apply the right shade of compact to cover the made up look of the foundation.

A cream illuminiser that works for all skin tones is a must product to be used if you are planning to go for a party. You can highlight your eyes by using a variety of eye shadows and eyeliners with different shades. Enjoy playing with different colours and get excited when your smoky eyes turn out perfectly. You may highlight your cheek bones with shimmer and enhance your glamour quotient. Tones of pink will work best for fair complexion and metallic shades will be best for dusky skin tones. Use a lip liner to get that perfect pout and then apply two to three coats of lipstick. You are all set to rock the party!

Let your skin breathe. Never wear too much makeup. It just layers your skin and you may lose your natural shine. Choose the right colour and texture of foundation. It should melt into your skin rather than sit heavily on the top. A wrong shade may age you or make you look ashy. When it comes to under-eye concealer, a wrong colour may make your flaws pop. Highlighter is a strong trend these days. Wear one that looks like a subtle lit from within glow. Your makeup should always look natural. The right lip colour may do wonders for the final look. A pop colour on the lips always makes one look younger and gorgeous. You may opt for the neutral colours that pair well with your skin tone. Ignoring the eyebrows is a bad idea. Your eyebrows define your face. Shape them to suit your face cut. Use a dark brown eyebrow pencil to fill in where required and not a black one. Invest in great makeup tools like makeup brushes and sponges etc. They are equally as important as the makeup skills. Just by improving your brushes, you can improve your makeup and thus your looks.

Makeup can do the trick. However, with all the myriad makeup products in your dressing closet, it can be easy to make mistakes from the technique you choose to the order, product quality and tools you use to apply your makeup.

Make up is meant to improve the look of your skin. A wrong makeup does not do your looks any favour. It can actually accentuate lines around the eyes, nose and mouth. Sometimes when we try hard to look cool, it seems unnatural. Make sure your makeup mistakes do not happen again and again while you are prettying up. Do not experiment with new products and techniques if you are dressing up for an occasion. A bad makeup can ruin the whole look. Prior trial is a good idea for innovations. Create magic and look glamorous and flawless like a show stopper with right makeup, reports The Satesman.