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 Coral reefs – fishing – ALERT, knowledge must

Fatema Miah:

Bangladesh Narikel Jinjira Ireland a coral treasure of country not even know to most Bangladeshis.

Coral reefs have been exploited for decades. Coral mining was  common in many reef systems. The coral mining also largely been cause of the damage. Also another and main factor is destructive fishing system. Carelessly, blinded by greed and being idiotic greedy and dismissive not bothered of the damages incurs to the corals while fishing, unguided without subject knowledge, fishing with dynamite and cyanide has been causing damages to the corals of the reefs. It is the case of marine world across and Bangladesh Narikel Jinjira Ireland is worse case scenario.

In Climate sciences, ecology services subject what our scientists are working on to protect and to preserve its ecology services. In our study here while we are studying the coral reefs those are in focus, drawn attention to protect them, there are the Maldives and Great Barrier reefs are enlisted with their natural features being describes. It made me wonder about Bangladesh being a coastal country, what about it’s corals, do they need attention? What state are they in if there are any? On search I found about the Narikel Jinjira and its not been looked after.

When Bangladesh is a country of declining climate threat, absolute deteriorated to climate affected flood zone country, further It’s only coral reef zone in the bay of Bengal sea Narikel Jinjir is damaged to beyond repair. No needs to mention that the damage done by carelessness, lack of knowledge and attention of authority, greedy and idiotic acts of local fishers.  Due to no care and proper authoritativeness and people are dismissive ignorants, they lost country’s valuable both safety feature and money making asset of many species and rare invaluable beauty.

The old is gold phrase was out fashioned in the last decades for half a century, in blindness of new, the inventory, there was lacking in learning and proper experiment. World began to move on fast scale and been moving too fast.  Anything came to hand withing reach has been used in haste and without tasting let alone to consider if any negative outcome. It has become matter of imminent desire at any cost. Dynamite and cyanide fishing method has been taken as advanced as nasa science  technology and aroused greed  and to satisfy the greed the destructive methods approached and caused un-repairable  damages.

Fishing has been international phenomena since the civilisations began even from the prehistorical time. Fish has been one of the known essential food nutrition of earth. There across the world, in Asia continent  mainly know as the fish eating custom and fishing is a skill and a task too, most  people do know  how to do fishing. Many different methods and tools has been used for fishing, made by fishers themselves from local produced natural materials. Before those distractive past few decades, safety fishing methods were applied everywhere by locals. Old natural fishing methods.

Over fishing is damaging to the corals and it was diagnosed by coral marine specialists. Whereas, Excess food intake is damaging to health and Bengalis are worse of ill health with food related illnesses recorded in UK health chart. yes, food and ill ness is not directly related to this coral topic here. The topic is coral. Worlds coral groups are under threat and there are worlds marine and ecologists attention is in world corals and the reefs.

The corals reefs are the vastly vital ecology factor. Coral reefs provide vital essential services to our earth maintaining it’s vitality, as well as producing oxygen and nurture marine lives they work as the protective pillar to coastal zones from the sea storms, cyclones and tornados. The marine lives in Narikel Jinjira have most already vanished (like the Wild lives have from Sundar ban,) the remaining rare few marine lives are in danger of Extinction soon due to lacking in care and due attention.

The older generations before last two generations seems to had knowledge and applied due care, had system in place  and maintained the nature, where last two generations were destructive and damaged the earth beneath their feet.  They destroyed their national and regional natural assets by as well as neglegency and misuse.

Bangladeshi authority must seek worlds marine specialists support and attention of climate science team, learn and put in place a plan  to save the Narikel Jinjira corals reef before it absolutely vanishes off, where few rare sea species and corals are struggling to survive.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com