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Pamper yourself with these Vitamin E based products

Pamper yourself with these Vitamin E based products

Your skin needs some pampering this season, and a break from hectic lifestyle. It’s time to moisturise your skin and give it the hydration, and you get all of these from Vitamin E. To rescue our skin from the changing weather and dehydration, Vitamin E acts as a super powerful hydration and anti-oxidant agent. It is an ingredient that encourages the skin to absorb moisture and keep it fresh and hydrated all day long.


Here are some skin care products that consist Vitamin E.


An oil-free gel cream which delivers hydration with an ultra-lightweight feel. It is perfect for people seeking moisture without the heavy feel of a cream. It has raspberry extracts, an oil-free source of antioxidant VitaminE known to protect against free radical damage, a leading cause of premature ageing.

Shower Cream—Oriflame


This Oriflame Shower cream Nourishing Almond Oil is soap-free with pH-balanced shower cream that lathers into a light, creamy foam helping skin to soften. With fully biodegradable formulation, the gel contains vitamins A, B1, and E and promises to help soothe and re-condition skin.


Nourishing cream—Soultree


This gentle nourishing cream with saffron and almond oil is rich in antioxidants from Natural Vitamin E. Saffron brightens the complexion, Sweet Almond Oil helps keep skin supple and smooth while reducing redness and fine lines.


Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum- Oriflame


The serum provides a naturally radiant and instantly hydrated skin. It is an ultra-light serum that intensively hydrates, enhances radiance and provides protection against free radical damage. It leaves skin with a cooling sensation. It is formulated with a natural Swedish ingredient blend of antioxidant Blueberry and Cloudberry, together with Vitamins C and E.


Cream cleanser—The Body Shop


The Body Shop Cream Cleanser with Vitamin E is ultra-lightweight feel which leaves thirsty skin feeling fresh and energized.