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Bizli strikes Bengali film fans

By Abu Sahid:

Bizli is a Bangladeshi super hero film, which has been wowing audiences in packed cinema halls across the UK in including London, Luton, Birmingham and Cardiff.

It is the first super hero themed film made in Bangladesh.   Bizli was shot in various international locations such as Iceland, India and Thailand and Sylhet.

Bizli, a high school student is the titular character.  The role is played by extremely popular actress Eamin Haque aka Bobby.   Bizli is born during a stormy thunder clapped night with super natural powers.  She is able to wield lightning force, which is emitted from her palms.  At first, this is difficult as Bizli learns to control and appreciate the super human power she can unleash.  With fatherly advice and affection from Dr Alam, her guardian, she learns to use her immense power against archenemy, the slightly mad but viciously evil, doctor Jerina.  Dr Jerina is on a frenzied mission to find Bizli.  Her pursuit is made simple, as Bizli’s boy friend is Rony, brother of Dr Jerina!  It is not long before the two face a showdown.  I will not spoil the ending; suffice to say there are two more parts to this story so you can guess the first part is not an ultimate and concluding battle to death.

Western super hero comic characters have inspired Bizli and the themes and storylines will be familiar to a global Diaspora audience of Bengalis.  A nod to Hollywood films, Bizli continues a trend in audience taste and expectations.   Film fans ditch melodramatic flicks, the staple of Dhallywood cinema until recent times.  What they want now instead is glamour, glitz and fast-paced special effects laden action films.  Bizli does not disappoint and delivers in abundance CGI action scenes filled with pyrotechnics.  Song and dance numbers are another pulling power of Bizli with pop music style professional choreography and dance routines worthy of an MTV R&B music video.

The role of Dr. Jerina is played by Indian Bengali actress,  Satabdi Roy and Dr Alam is aptly acted by Ilias Khanchan.  Both established and popular in their respective industries they lend an appeal to a wider generation as the two main characters are young high school students.  Bizli’s love interest is Rony,  played by the dashing newcomer,  Ranveer.

The film trilogy also stars British Bangladeshi actor, Shadin Khasru, as Habib, in a pivotal role.  In future films Habib is set to become Bizli’s main guardian after Dr Alams death.

Bizli is a mould breaking film in many ways.  In a shattering break from cinema traditions, female actors play the films two main protagonists. The leading male hero in this film has fourth billing! Bobby produced (another female first) the sci fi movie after male producers rejected it as a risky venture.

Iftikar Choudhury, an American Bangladeshi filmmaker established himself in Dhallywood film industry, directed the Film.  The hot shot director was raised and educated in New York’s Staten Island area and continues to make sleek blockbuster action films with western themes such as his debut Khoj .  Khoj became extremely popular and other successful films like Agnee and Action Jasmin soon followed.  Bizli is his latest offering.

Making a female centric film super hero film was a brave decision in a patriarchal film industry and society but judging by the overwhelming response it seems to have worked for the team behind Bizli.  For future show times and venue see www.bengalifilmclub.uk