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Is Justice Political or Socialism  – Climate and environment   


Fatema Miah:

Justice is a  wider scope  and core of all subject matter.

Question aroused is term Justice political?

The above question aroused from some peole in Lebanon said word Justice sounds political in relation to raised concern for environment, said Adrian Martin who intends to educate people about environment to be environmentally caring and environmental justice phrase has been used.

I am afraid to vocalise as such, do they, the Arabs, understand or have any thought about subject justice? Understandably no. Justice simply fair treatment with care, it doesn’t show to be present  in Arab region even for  human .  Arab region people neither seem to have care or thought nor desire for environment from what Arabian continent looks like. They all want to be lawyers to challenge/ voice in high and supreme courts for him /her individual self. Or Doctors they want to be, to be in charge and big.

Let alone understating of Nature simple fairness doesn’t look like  matters to them  there. I suggest courses to be made into a constitutional certificate courses with formative and summative learning to educate people in subject nature and environment, earth and atmosphere.

The environment is crying out for justice. Some urgent actions in environmental front is needed to protect our ecology and to prevent future human suffering. Adrian Martin said people there in Lebanon said term justice is political. My question is what is not political?

What is the definition of ‘political’ in their understanding?

Is it an excuse by them to dismiss environmental attention?

Are the Arab nations not political?

Word Justice isn’t political, justice is serving with fairness and treating with care. There is no justice in Arab region. Justice is faith and spiritual moral exercise God loving aspect as well as moral and ethical. Justice is to consideration not to allow suffering consequences or abusing by any actions.

In Politics justice must be made 1st priority factor for benefit of all concern aspects and beings otheways might of right will be inevitably exercised  as bureaucratic practices in replacement of aristocracy.  That’s the case there in Arab region and that’s what they call it politics.

Here it is about environmental Justice to educate people to be careful, to learn and understand our environment.  Our world’s politicians attention and dedication needs to be  drawn to environment issue to save the environment.

With political support and politicians involvement we have had Paris agreement in place and plan in place to cut down or reduce emmission  co2.  Environment needs attention and without political agreement this such globalised large issue cannot be dealt with.

When they called it political, was it to  dismiss the topic. Is politics not right thing in their term. As far as word politics concern,  politics is fine as long as the politicians involved in any topic aren’t corrupt. So, back to word political again, isn’t law or globalisation political?

The other day an active denier challenged me  and stoke with an allegation of going back to socialism about environmental justice article. And further he backed up his dislike of socialism by supporting his statement saying core of socialism is justice.  How justified it is?

There are other principles factors beside deniers group comes in contradiction to applying  environmental Justice. The philosophical principles, ignorants and deniers as well as 3 dimensions needs to be taken into consideration to come to an aggrenent for environmental justice.

Justice is must for all. Justice matters because injustice causes suffering.  The environmental justice is that it is strongly aligned with more general concerns about social justice. There  is a high level of overlap thus there are also some unique features.

Environmental justice is in large part the application of justice inquiry to environmental problems. For example the environmental justice movement that emerged in the United States in the 1980s was built on concerns that toxic industrial wastes were being dumped in areas where ethnic minorities lived.

A justice analysis revealed that decisions about where to dump these wastes were prejudiced, for example by institutional racism within government agencies. It was, at root, a social injustice that was manifested through an environmental governance issue.

However, environmental justice analysis does tend to engage with some particular concerns that are less often the subject of social justice. In particular, environmental justice expands the range of actors considered to be important.

In it included the importance of considering future people (future generations), consideration of the responsibilities arising from the actions of past people (e.g. ecological debts) and consideration of non-human  the animals and the other living things.

Potentially the environmental justice can embrace both social justice (do the right thing to human) and ecological justice (doing the right thing for wider ecological communities). Therefore Justice is must.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com