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Barking celebrates International Men’s day with pride

MenSpeak and the All Women’s Network organised an event to celebrate the International Men’s Day with a conference and discussion on various social issues, including: mental health, depression, stress and wellbeing. On 30 November the group organised the event at the Barking Town Hall to honour societies men’s who often remain quite on social and family issues. The event convenor Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz said, we want to provide a platform to all men’s and also women’s to come and discuss their social issues that are bothering them and also with a series of suggestions to end these problems. All Women’s Network chief Hannah Kupoluyi said, we all women’s networks are proud to arrange this conference platform for our men’s who always remain silent on their own social issues. In our society we always see men’s as a responsible person to the family, however, they might have their issues, which might never be addressed. This platform is the opportunity for them to speak.

The conference had distinguished guest speakers including, Barking and Dagenham Mayor Sanchia, Alasia, Bertie Harriman-Smith and Nigel Gosling from the MenSpeak men’s groups and Afzal Sayed Munna from Barking and Dagenham’s Liberal Democrats’.

Afzal Munna, from Barking and Dagenham’s Liberal Democrats’, discussed his experiences of fatherhood and masculinity. He also addressed the link between education and poverty, which are one of the prime causes of anxiety and stress and also leads to all other social problems. He mentioned, with education we can win the poverty, which allows us the luxury to be happy with our family. Afzal Munna also mentioned, as an educated parents we should teach our young children’s the social norms, moral values and culture that would allow them to be a good human being.