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London Times seminar held on International Mother Language: Parents too have to take responsibility for teaching Bengali to next generation

A seminar was held to mark and celebrate International Mother Language Day organised by London times news in association with Italian Family Welfare Association in Tower Hamlets on 24 February at a restaurant in East London.

Presided by London Times Director Md Abdul Hannan Cllr John Biggs Mayor of Tower Hamlets presented key note speech. Special guest Cllr Sirajul Islam, Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets also spoke at the event. Other guest speakers were Cllr Sohel Ahmed, Cllr Faruk Ahmed Cllr Mamunur Rashid and Online Press Club’s President from Sylhet poet journalist Muhit Chowdhury.

Opening remarks were made by publisher of London Times Syed Shah Salim Ahmed. He welcomed guests, gave background to London Times, outlined the theme of the seminar and introduced London Times company directors.

Prior to the presentation of the main key note speech Syed Shah Salim Ahmed presented directors Zakir Hussain Jahangir, Md Hannan, Ali Reza Khan, global media consultant Mir Abdur Rahman, Italian Family Welfare Association’s advisor Haji Abdur Rahim, Vice Chair Abul Hussain Jasim and guests with London Times souvenirs, gifts and books.

He also presented two of his latest publications on Prophet Mohammed and a collection of columns to chief guest Mayor John Biggs, Deputy Mayor Siraj Islam and poet Muhit Chowdhury

Following that key note paper was presented jointly by London Times global media consultant Mir Abdur Rahman & special correspondent director Syed Tarikul Islam followed by Q&A session. A number of suggestions were made to support the teaching of Bengali language to new generation including the ongoing funding of Bengali community language schools.

Others who took part in the discussion were London Times Managerial Editor Ansar Ahmed Ullah, London Press Club’s Nazmul Hussain, editor of the Islami Press Club, Maulana Sirajul Islam Saad of Islamic Dept, Advisor Maulana Mohammad Abdul Kuddus, Zakir Hossain Jahangir, Mohammad Abdul Hannan, Abul Hossain Jasim, Ali Reza Khan, Haroon Khandaker, Alhaj Abdur Rahim, Alhaj Delwar Matabbar, Shahadat Hossain, Hanif Chowdhury, Maksud Ali, Faisal Alam, Abul Kalam Azad, Sagir Uddin, Shah Alam Khukon, Faisal Fakir, Fakir Arif Hussain, Rais Uddin, Tipu Ahmed, Lutfur Hussain, Rahat Mahmood, Belal Hossain, Mamun and Poet Journalist London Times director Ali Reza Khan.

Muhit Chowdhury, President of the Online Press Club, news presenter & London Bangla Press Club’s Nazmul Hussain, Cllr Suhail Ahmed passionate poetry recitation touched everybody.

Deputy Mayor Sirajul Islam in his speech highlighted the early story of Bengali language practice and urged the current generation to take initiative from home to attract young people to their own language. He also conveyed his sincere thanks and gratitude to all for this timely initiative by the London Times News.

Councilors in their speech praised London Times News for providing the latest news and said they will support its work along with supporting Bengali language, with inspirational programmes to reach new generation.

The Chief Guest, Executive Mayor, John Biggs, in his speech, highlighted the language and culture of multicultural society that we live in, especially in the Tower Hamlets, and the importance of continuing to teach the young of this heritage. In addition, councillors give description of various language support being provided by the Council.

The Executive Mayor also informed the meeting of his exchange with the Bangladesh High Commissioner regarding taking steps for the continuation and popularization of Bengali language. Mayor also informed the High Commission of Tower Hamlets willingness to cooperate.

Mayor Biggs said each of you as are responsible & caring for our children and teaching English as well as Bengali to the next generation. If we all put in effort only then the council’s support and efforts will be successful.

Maulana Mohammad Abdul Kuddus conducted prayers in memory of all the language martyrs and prayed for the blessings of the peace and prosperity of humanity. Maulana Mohammad Sirajul Islam Saad presented a brief discussion.

Following prayers London Times News announced its next programme on 30 March to celebrate Bangladesh’s Independence Day.