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A simple guide to keep your body cool in the sweltering heat

A simple guide to keep your body cool in the sweltering heat

Dr Ashwini Konnur, in-house Ayurvedic consultant, AyurUniverse suggests the top five ways to beat the heat this summer:*Keep a check on the cooked food you eat

Anything we consume has an impact on our energy levels. During summers, the best thing to eat is easily digestible food. Since the body’s digestion power is anyway low, consuming these would do wonders on how we feel and how our body functions. A few examples of easily digestible foods are:


*Boiled white rice


*Simple congee is a very good pick tooSalty, pungent food is to be avoided at all costs.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are extremely high in vitamins, potassium, folic acids, and minerals which are essential for the body to function well. They also contain healthy fats which are essential for the heart to function well. The best picks for summer are:




*Citric fruits


Increase fluid consumption

Consuming fluids are especially important during as our bodies are generally depleted of them. Fluids help replenish our system and help us feel cool. It is better to avoid alcoholic beverages and increase intake of fruit juices, lemon water, buttermilk, coconut juice, green tea, which are easily available and have multi-fold benefits.

Changes in exercise schedules

It is advisable not to exert the body too much in summer. Engaging in excessive hours at the gym, running on the ground should be avoided, and cooling Pranayama should be practised.

A few recommended asanas are:

*Sheetali Pranayama– This is to be practised by rolling the tongue laterally which leads to it becoming like a tube and then inhaling. This helps to calm the body in the summer.

*Sheetkari Pranayama– this is folding the tongue inwards and breathing between the sides of the nose and calmly exhaling from the nose.

*Sadanta Pranayama– in this asana, the teeth are to be clenched and we’re supposed to breathe from between them.

Each of these asanas should be repeated 9-11 times to feel the coolness.

Some other yoga asanas that can be practised are:

*Vrikshasana (tree pose)

*Ardhkati chakrasana (half waist wheel pose)

*Konasana (angle pose)

*Trikonasana (triangle pose)

*Marjariasana (cat/tiger pose & breathing)

*Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose)

*Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)

*Shashankasana (moon pose)

*Chakrasana (wheel pose)

*Navasana (boat Pose)

*Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation technique)

Changes in lifestyle

In the summer, since nights are short, sleeping during the day is acceptable. Wearing light-coloured cotton clothes, using sandalwood, and perfumes made from flowers is advisable. It is very important to wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 before stepping out in the sun. Using an umbrella during the time sun rays are strong is advisable.

It is also very important to be calm mentally as the correlation between the mind’s activities and the body’s reaction to it has been scientifically proven.