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CPRMB submits petition to PM asking for minority justice

Ansar Ahmed Ullah:

The UK based Campaign for the Protection of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) submitted a memorandum to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 10 May during her stay in London.

In the letter they mention of Advocate Polash Kumar Ray, a committed Awami League activist and a son of a Freedom Fighter who died in an arson attack while he was in custody. According to media reports he was a legal adviser of a private company forced to commit some unethical which he refused and resigned from his position.

The company authority filed false cases against him. On 25th March 2019, he organised a peaceful rally for justice. But the perpetrators filed a false case again against him and got him arrested. And without any delay the following day they murdered him by setting fire on him inside custody. During treatment in hospital he made statement on his death bed as to who are involved of his killing.

In another they mention the case of Pandit Niranjan Chakravorty who according to Sylhet today24.com2 on 23/04/19, was displaced from his house by a Jubo League leader Kamrul Islam Helal (Modhu Helal) and his gang. Helal attacked Pandit Niranjan Chakravorty’ s house on 10/04/19 and threatened him and his family to kill unless he signs the documents that he brought with him. Mr. Chakravorty was also kidnapped by Helal and kept captive from 6-8th of April, threatened to be killed and was told “Bangladesh is not yours, go back to India”. The incident took place at Anwara Thana in Chottogram, in Land Minister Mr. Saifuzzaman Chowdhury’s constituency.

CPRMB mentioned of another incident that took place at Kadakati Union, Ashashuni Upazilla in Satkhira district where six Hindu families had to leave Bangladesh settled in India because of constant threat and property grabbing by Mohabbat Ali and his gang. The victim families were Haripada Saha, Alhadi Mondol’s son- Shukha Dev Mondol, Binapani Mondol and others.

In the memorandum Campaign for the Protection of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) strongly condemned all these reported atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh. CPRMB said while Awami League is meant to be a party protecting religious minority and justice because of party’s tradition and policy but unfortunately, it’s not happening. Though Awami League has been ruling over a decade and third consecutive term but persecution on religious minority, grabbing their property and threat hasn’t stopped and perpetrators are using Awami League banners to fulfil their targets.

Addressing the PM they said, ‘That even though after your assurance to minorities for their safety and security, oppression is still going on and there is no doubt about it that the perpetrators are using the ruling party platform of Bangladesh Awami League to fulfil their personal interest and influencing the administration at the same time. In this situation we would like to request you again to take necessary action to protect us in Bangladesh from the hands of extremists. We urge you to investigate the case bringing all perpetrators into justice.’ The memorandum was signed by its Secretary A K Saha.