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Easy ways to get rid of dark circles and have glowing skin

Easy ways to get rid of dark circles and have glowing skin

Dark circles, which appear in the area, can develop due to hereditary factors, lack of adequate sleep, illness, stress and nutritional deficiencies. Dark Circles can develop at an early age, like adolescence and early twenties, although it is more common in older people. Therefore, along with external treatment, take these aspects into consideration.

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain suggests a few easy ways to help you get rid of dark circles and have healthy skin:*Have a nutritious and balanced diet: Include fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, unprocessed cereals, yogurt, skimmed milk, cottage cheese (paneer), lentils, beans, leafy green vegetables, egg and fish. Have different varieties of fruits.

*Daily exercise, along with deep breathing, improves blood circulation, oxygenation and stress control. Adequate sleep and relaxation are very important.

*Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Have the juice of a lemon in a glass of water, first thing in the morning. Fruit juices must be diluted with water. Consult your doctor before making changes in your diet.

*Before going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen lotion sparingly under the eyes. Add a drop of water to it before applying, for a lighter coverage.

*A cleansing gel or cream should be used to remove make-up gently, using moist cotton wool. Very light-textured under-eye cream or serum should be used around the eyes.

*Daily apply pure almond oil sparingly around eyes and massage it lightly on the skin, using only the ring finger, for one minute under each eye. Massage in one direction only. Leave on for 15 minutes and wipe off gently with moist cotton wool. Almond cream and almond oil help to lighten skin colour and produce an even colour tone. They also nourish the skin under the eyes.*Cucumber juice is a common remedy. It should be applied daily around the eyes and washed off with plain water after 15 minutes. Cucumber is an astringent and also helps to reduce dark circles.

*Potato juice also helps lighten the skin colour. In fact, potato juice and cucumber juice may be mixed together and applied under the eyes. Wash off after 15 minutes.

*Include deep breathing exercises, like Pranayama, in your exercise schedule. This helps to counteract stress and also oxygenates the body, preventing dark circles. Adequate sleep and relaxation are also important.