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£10 million to improve roads and pavements



Roads and pavements are being restored to their former glory thanks to a £10 million investment by Tower Hamlets Council.

Despite cuts in central government funding, the council has surveyed the borough’s highways to identify a four year programme of priority projects including potholes, crumbling roads and uneven pavements.

Recent projects include restoring cobbled streets like Raven Row in Whitechapel, repaving Museum Passage and Three Colts Lane in Bethnal Green and resurfacing around Columbia Road in Shoreditch and Grenade Street in Limehouse. The works will help prevent accidents and have also been carried out in a way that preserves the character of the area.

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets said: “We’re delivering much needed investment in our roads and pavements which will make it easier and safer to get around Tower Hamlets. Despite funding pressures I’m pleased we are investing to make potholes safe, as well as improving the quality of our pavements and roads across the borough.”

David Edgar, Cabinet Member for Environment said: “As one of the fastest growing boroughs in the country, our roads and pavements need to be regularly maintained and repaired. This additional funding will make a huge difference in enhancing our highways.”

The council maintains the majority of the borough’s roads, except private highways and the Transport for London controlled red routes such as the A2, A11, A12 and A13 that pass through Tower Hamlets.

Residents and visitors can request repairs to council controlled roads and pavements through the Love Your Neighbourhood app or by emailing streetline@towerhamlets.gov.uk