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Experiment with these summer makeup trends

Experiment with these summer makeup trends

Bold ColoursPut down that tired neutral palette, and pick up a pop of colour. Start with your eyes. Neon eyes are a good way to embrace colour with open arms. Test the waters with a bold liner or a colourful mascara.Vivid colours are the strong move you should make this year. And don’t be shy about stepping into uncharted territory with colour. A pop of tangerine or vermilion is go-to right now. Don’t be afraid to really turn the color up and commit to a fun new shade.

Monochromatic Makeup

It’s a brilliantly simple approach to makeup—the technique involves using similar shades on the face in different ways. When creating a monochromatic makeup look, follow the rule same, but different.It’s all about using the same tones and shades of colour making sure that your eyes, cheeks, and lips all mimic each other in a beautiful way. Neutral glam— warm brown on the lips, a similar shade on the cheeks, and a fairer shade on the eyes.

Lit-From-Within Skin

Always on-trend is a fresh-faced glow, which honestly deserves to be on a billboard somewhere. Looking for ways to embrace your natural glow? Try skipping full-coverage foundations and opt for more sheer coverage for a lighter fresher look. Tinted moisturizer will always be a great alternative to foundation. Using sunscreen products like beauty counter dew skin moisturizer with SPF 20,provide coverage and is a great way to protect the skin.

At the end of the day, achieving the radiant glow of your dreams is all about having a skin-first, makeup-second mindset. You need—like need—good skincare products.