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Eid Morning make-up: Light but right

Eid Morning make-up: Light but right (video)

After a month of fasting, Eid ul Fitr comes to spread joy among friends and families, bringing every one closer to each other.

To all the ladies out there, I know how important Eid is for us. Instead of the busy schedule of Ramadan, we try to make time to get the perfect dress, accessories & makeup for this special day. I know how hectic it can be going from shop to shop finding that perfect dress, matching shoes , and trying to figure out ‘the look’ we want to pull off on the day, with our make-up.So I may not help you with the first two but let me assist you in the last one. For me make-up is an accessory. Just the perfect amount can make your look complete and overdoing it, can do the exact opposite.

But don’t worry I am going to help you step by step. Let’s start with a morning make up for eid day.

I know you all ladies buy a dress just to wear in the morning after shower – I call it ‘THE AFTER SHOWER DRESS’ – it’s basically a simple dress which is comfortable enough to attend guests but also the perfect amount of fancy for what is a special day.

So with a simple dress you want to keep your make up minimum also fresh since its morning and you are at home. You want to avoid layering tons of product on your face. Just stick to a light foundation and a loose powder to set it. Just a little amount of shades on your eyelids to make it pop, light wash of color on your checks and the right amount of your favorite highlighter to give you that healthy glow. You can also go with a thin line of liner or skip it entirely, depends on what you like. But don’t skip mascara because it will give your lashes just the right amount of lift. Ladies just make sure you add your own attitude to it.