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The misconception and sub-clause 

Fatema Miah:

Eid Mubarak, Eid Saeed. Here is a Eid gift with few pondering points to learn from.

Some thoughtful and respective western people expressing their shame for misconception of meaning of Fatwa and in agreement that they are shame for misconception they blame the media and press have worked to and caused such misconception. Fatwa was understood to be order of killing in late 80s reminded of Salman Rushdie and in this decade in the recent past jihad made to understand terrorist attacks to kill, ISIL. Overall sharia was made as Muslims cruel law of violence, hate and oppression.
In reply to a comment  I wrote, It was press and media to some extent caused the confusion. We all in West were made to misconception about Fatwa and about the meaning of word Sharia also. Mind you in it, the media was influenced also by those, there were them misleading beings, the closest ones and rivals from among them. I speak bitter truth. (I am Muslim by practising being not in easy situation. I am Muslim for Allah not for groups or society.)
Then I further added, how well educated Muslims are about this or how good understanding of Muslims in Arab, Farsia and Asia about Fatwa? Who was applying any valid points correctly? Who came up with an explanation to made us aware. ? We westerners can’t just be blamed for not having precise understanding when Islam was played as possession to take for privilege to control others and faulting others and overall it was made into quarrelsome aspect to weaponised by picking up subclasses of Quranic verses.
Even when someone came to talk about Islam and Quran and hadith teaching, acting by swallowing their ego for a bit, they were as what they actually are like, Asian politicians like during election time, come up with their own agenda to convert you to their views, their sectarianism and to convince you against their rivals. They are quick to level you, to cast accusation against you for not understanding when they are demonstrating high ego and irrespectively ill treating you and failing to deliver the message correctly.
It was Western and Asian people had to bend to fit in around them.  Then what? East London Mosque, the now London Muslim centre, the Bengali people there gradually, or slowly or just suddenly appeared in the next decade,  have converted into Wahhabism. They, dragged women, the locals to be fanaticised. Women empowered, on Dawah, they go around, like combative force in black veils with vile and provoking manners.  What? Is that what Saudi Women allowed to do or are doing?
Difference between then in 80s and this generation. My generation grew up being frustrated, trying to bridge with understanding of Islam and to promote respect in West. With having or getting some right kind of education in Islam, our generation, we managed to make this generation balanced and aware. Then again, in families balance wasn’t in place with any gap, led to allowed ISIL influence entered in like Shamima begum and Shakira Pakistani women. Issues remain in communities.  Without being honest and by denying society not going to be benefitted.
Sub clause of a sentence: It was talked about in Islamic conferences by Muslim Scholers,  how misunderstanding was caused and or miss messages was taken or given about Quran translation misleading  about the jihad and violence that’s is made as Quran teaching.  Violence attacks was advocated by showing Quran verses, when the same message said not to attack unless to defend against an attack as a self defense.  Its not even a sub clause, it’s a phase of the sub clause.
I was surprised, scared often of Muslims talk. I need to talk in clear tone about some facts. People always draw close to easy people, because of  soft nature they try to be friend with ie acting friend with a motive. Some women,  Pakistani and Arabs women act friend they never understand the term  friend, they are never friends. Saying, I found is a problematic, I am kind and I always have been considerate, ignored wrong sayings and excused always.
Some Muslims use sub clause and interpreted jihad, most Muslims generally don’t know. What I have been silent about is In general term,  people do the same and get angry. Do they forget their saying? No, they play twist. . They talk with beginning with a sub clause of the sentantance  they trying to talk about. I found it lost case. It often very irritating because it appears as lie accusations or feels like attacks with false statement about yourself.  Well,  some can be hilarious too.  For an example of one here:
A hilarious example. Once this person a Muslim man said to someone in first meeting this person a woman. I have this house and few items you can eat and after my death only give some regular charity in my name for my soul. She was nodding her head , no, no. He further added, other women I don’t trust, will do wrong and won’t look after me and will waste my belonging in wrong way for her or their pleasure.
This person,  woman was ill, she wanted to run away hearing such. She felt he was mad or processed she got scared about the off context conversation. She was wealthy herself. The man proposed a marriage she had no idea. He began from sub clause of a sentence. Muslims not only take sub clause of sentence from Quran and causing trouble, also they talk with sub clause of a sentence with random miss phrases.
A family sold house to move into big new bought house, the Pakistani people decided they sold house for divorce, and passed around their assumption as a fact. These women come about to talk in sub clause sentences. Scary and hilarious. One cannot  decide whether to laugh or cry. Then they go around blaming it’s the non Muslims create troubles among Muslims. Pakistani women said, despite their hard pushiness their neighbours don’t be friend with them. Hilarious,  the pretending, gossip making,  plotting and pushing,  and expect to be honest friends.