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Look gorgeous with smoky eye makeup at any age

Look gorgeous with smoky eye makeup at any age

If you don’t want to wear a lot, just play up with your eyes. Blending a bunch of thin layers builds up an opaque coverage. Don’t apply a thick layer all-at-once. Instead, use the sheer-layer tactic. A sheer layer of lilac shadow with blended-out-gunmetal eyeliner is one of the picture-perfect ways to reflect confidence you’ll feel by looking extra special.Smudgy shimmery-indigo shadow and a thick coat of inky mascara will make you look truly unforgettable. Glossy black eyes with charcoal lined waterlines is another glamorous technique to play up your eyes. A gradient of metallic sea foam and emerald eye shadows is centred on a bit of extra drama – a vivid palette and perhaps a bit of the unexpected. Simple smoky eyes with muted brown hues will also make people’s eyes to light up as they say “wow, you look fabulous!”

A layer of finger-smudged eyeliner on the top and bottom lids makes your face look more beautiful. Thick layers of midnight blue shadow blended around the eyes can make your eyes to draw attention. A soft and smooth touch with shimmer-flecked silver and grey eye shadows is a good way to glamorize your eyes. Matte black shadow with a clear cut-out wing is my go-to-eye makeup when I want to look and feel dazzling.

Fuchsia-lined eyes blended to the brows, plus thick coats of black mascara dab the eye shadow gently along the eyelids. Smoky eye should not have any harsh lines. Ultra thick, black rimmed eyes with blended fuchsia and purple eye shadows and a glittery mascara can create smoky eye look for summer. You can see a lot of pink and purple accompanied by a sweep of violet and indigo on the crease. Smudgy opaque-black eyeliner with a layer of glitter is the traditional way of smoky eyes highlighting a palette of greyish-black eye shadows on eyelids, but you can create a smoky eyes with almost any other colour hue.

More advanced makeup tools can now make you look younger like photoshop has long been used to make your photographs look the way you want them to. Smoky eye makeup has the power to emphasize your beauty insanely. Get inspired – flaunt with mystical, magical hazy eyes in this party season.

Add to your glam factor with the very on – trend these days – smoky eye makeup