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Umar Muktar versus Roman Empire. 


Fatema Miah:

Empire and power abuse went on together, it was power seeking a norm as a desire in the past centuries, what marked horrible chapters of serving cruelty against victims and history been written with pride of being abusively power exercising by some to their victims. Here,  let’s talk about Libya.

In the past centuries, Battles and bloodshed was part of regular living expectancy and as if they were wow factors,  they were praised with Weldon. Though how well did they serve; for the society, the establishment or the individuals?  People most didn’t get to see past aged 50 the max. Because of the battles males died even earlier in teens and twenties.  The family, relative and community had to bore the emotional upsetting. Either grew up with hate to live to fight or died with misery and resentment or in retaliation.

Respected Umar Muktar (O’mar) Libyan indigenous Muslim who was hanged to death in Public in 1931 by Roman military. Muktar a Libyan person spoke for his people, stood up with his people, took the lead of his community and country people stood against Roman rule in their country Libya. The Libyans refused to Roman rule in their country. The Libyan rebels group with Muktars lead faught againsts Romans.  (I wrote about Saladdin Ayubi and crusades before.)

The Europeans (and western) seeked conquering other peoples lands by force entry to invade and to rule.  Roman spread across to Europe.  Romans were ruthless force reknown for worse cruelty. By might they have took power on and abused power.  In doing so, they used faith banner in the name of Jesus Christ.  When the truth is Jesus and his mother had endored Romans ruthlessness. Jesus Christ was praised by Romans after his depart. (They say death).

Roman for their power crave and with ruthless passion, seeking power exercising over others, they surged forth cruelly and named it faith Christianity. Was their invading and rule was for Christianity?  No. Rather Christianity they took on and wore it as their armoury as the shield and they surged on with their inner zeal passion and cruel anger for greed. Anger was the biggest engine of greed.  In Europe they succeeded with play of Christianity. There in Middle Eastern way, there were Original Torah and later on Quran was revealed with original  Engil the Gospels verses.

Was Christianity verses following enough? No, it wasn’t. The power rule and abuses had to be. Enslavement under the Roman soldiers was big factor. Then the Gospel was often reformed with power. Each and every time a group of some kind was the targeted victims by it.  The reformers always had failed to make it inclusive with equality by needs differentiation.  More importantly, it was a deliberate reform of  targeting a certain disliked group of social or political. Question is, have some Muslims taken on such Roman tactics though denying or failing to recognise?

Muktar of Libya was hanged to death in public by Roman  Umar Muktar aged 70 plus was imprisoned and then hanged to death with alligation of traitor.  Was he a traitor? The rebel leader or the freedom seeking group leader arrested for attacking Romans and hanged to death as a traitor. What is a traitor? The language use is  poor and incorrect.  The opposition group member is not a  traitor is the or a  rival. It’s call power exercise without challenge being unanswerable to anyone.  The Libyan people,  millions were gathered there in Ben Gazie to watch the hanging scene of their leader in public. The death was conducted in present of only handful of Roman officers.

The Libyan Public were in countless mass numbers.  The public there could end that chapter there with a new opening chapter of their country’s fate, fate of their people and new direction would have emerged from there on wards.  Public sat and watched being sad and weeping.  The women whistled making sound by moving their tongue.  Muktar Umar read Quran verse before allowing his neck to be hanged. Sad scene, the 70 plus old aged  man was hanged to death. (All souls do have to taste the death.)

For European empires sentencing their rivals to death was made into a normal practice.  Roman Empire was the worse ruthless empire exercised harsh cruelty against their rivals. The same Roman Empire also by reformation caused extinct of their Christian monacs by Abbot law earlier.  The Libyans remained oppressed under Romans till WWII. The Libyans pubic could change the chapter there in 1931 by jumping on to Romans. Yes, the death rate certainly would have been in hundreds, though the history would have altered from then, ( like it did in India after the Mutiny in 1857).

The Romans not only faced to withdraw after WWII, Romans barely exist now in worlds politics and are pushed back in limited only to Italy. Power abuse and cruelty eventually face a consequence.  Then rose up USA as an untold empire, and there house of  Saud, what do they wish to come out as? An empire? With a cheer on the  defeat mark of Turks?

Sauds cannot cheer out, because there was no victory. They took on given authority and laughing with a false kingdom. The best act will be Sauds to mitigate with Yamani victims. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com