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Philosophy – Psychology about word Orphan (Yateem in Arabic or Islamic phrase)

Fatema Miah:

Orphan phrase has a significant high emphasis in society; in the past  milleniums and is still to todays date per it is a word marks such emotional core level in Childs life what is the being of individual. When talking of emotion it’s links to zeal and rigid curve of society and psychology is largely shadowed by societical spread sheet of cloudy shades.  Word orphan or Yatiim in Arabic is emphatic in itsself.
Whereas about word Orphan, the emotion in it not purely all can’t be rest in one busket of social only, there the emotion of genetic connection has its vast and large part in it.  ‘Blood is thicker than water’, so It is clinically right with measured evidents of experiment.  So many factors are talking points in this Blood and Orphan topics. Above all the Wisdom (Hikma), and well functioning soft and kind heart and the well functioning complete brain lobes is vital too certainly. In the case of in this era or in the past there have been cases of emotional detachment and attachment irrelevant to genetism or blood. Above all, the philosophy is,  it’s the vision and sensation also the auditory as the word effect make the psychology. There according to my philosophy, I phrase from my gathering of thoughts; is the stem of norm.
The philosophy and psychology or the philosophy of the psychology comes in social order, therefore it’s social science.  Since the civilisation began relational social order made. It was easy for theological Adams immediate, the birth children’s psychology with very narrow scope and without wider philosophical not many directional perspectives was there  for being the 1st people on the earth and the very 1st set of births. The psychological and emotional complication began in later epochs. The emotional attachment and genetic bonding is animal instict, even animals have their emotional attachment to their genetic offsprings. That’s instinct, what about  the stem of norm? In phrasing; the societical spread sheet of cloudy shades; in which there the vast functioning is the brain work ability or capacity; the memory both terms have
connection with stern of norm. Then there twigs sprouts out of stem in the morn or within the norm. My explanation.
The norm it’s self is the Abnornality. Because there it the Abnornality in the stem, the twigs sprouts likely to be affected or their  form or deform relies on it, or by it or as a result of it. If theology believed then straight forward the creator guide  has input and instructed a system in place, if theology is pushed aside, its beings sense or common sense triggered in with a cerebrals lobes functioning to work out, or to sense or comprehand to logic and emotion is work of cerebral functioning too, and the genetic attachment is the chemical binding the Chemistry.  There are many beings molecules depart from their genetic, transforming or evolving and reforming is their norm and they do not bond back to their origin of genes. Neither they need emotional attachment nor clung though they have a stem norm too. My expression again.
Word orphan or Yatim in Arabic: In Indian sub continent Word Yatim is used with Strong emotion.  Yatim is significantly used in place of father loss, not as same as mother loss. Father loss is father less child, who’s father died. Even adults cry being Yatim.  I do too, its about missing father not for need in my case, becauae my father died when I was an adult, educated and professional income earner, and married and a mother. Love is love and missing feeling comes up. I don’t get to use word orphan Yatim. Then again, at what age it wouldn’t be sad not to be orphan Yatim?   Here the topic raising is rather to strong reason and to highlight the social-emotional aspect and how positive also can be negative and worse also, like in case of other aspects/subjects.  Can word Yatim be hurtful to anybody?  Yes, it is also very painful to individuals.  Allah likes Yatim?  Which Yatim? Allah  likes Yatim over suffering non Yatim?  Where children and adolescents life ruined and horrendous suffering  caused by parents specially fathers, word Yatim can be question in that sense?
Our people don’t have word categories, their use limit, neither sense of cautiousness or worrying of triggering question or poking pain.  Orphan word is very strong, it is a fundemental aspect in a Childs life, for emotion and the upbringing.  Our Muslims, yes, like I always shout about are mindless, senseless and careless, why would they think twice when they  have list of words to their usual familiarity. Though, who made them familiar by reiterated repeating they didn’t prioritised word orphan Yatim by dismissing other category of children or adults of absent parents for other reasons.    Mohammed pbuh lived Orphans as he was one, equally he loved others, like Jahid his foster child who was separated from parents and Ali who had to stand for true scripture against his parents at that time.  More importantly there was Hajira a lost child Prophet Ibrahim and his wife gave shelter and later on she is land mark of Hajj ritual.  Mohammed pbuh cried on hearing stories of father burying alive daughters.  Is orphans do only matter?  Muslim Alims need to be taught wider ranges.  Also, these Alumse those aren’t good for nothing else must be told they haven’t caught Allah to their fist to be dismissive or selective.  Neither to be right self-righteous.
For young children, those are unattended, as such the society was without current like democratic social reform, even in todays date for the reformation to guide justice Allah ordered that in decision making in family law, that adult shouldn’t make decision by only taking into account of adults only, and in doing so, the  next generation not be allowed or by chance have to face deprivations, or injustice.  Human err cause sufferings; intentionally for greed,  by misguide and being misunderstanding, misinformed, people do injustice and do cause  sufferings to others.  Then again how guidance of sources are understood?  Those cry orphans loud in duas, do they understand any other emotion?  Wouldn’t some people, children and young adults in some cases cry that they would be better of orphans?  Some children are well secured and nurtured by mother, and loss  of or distance to such mother kills those children or adultescence.  What about them?
Muslims come running to UK, Europe, USA, simultaneously Muslim cry they are kuffars against our Islam and they do injustice. Muslims can’t talk logic by critical thinking and it’s Muslims largely and vastly in doing Injustice; contributing by word use thoughtlessly to direct tortures. Yes they are kuffars, and they aren’t screaming Iman. They have looked upon Islamic justice and the 1st they have adopted to the welfare system after O’mar peace be upon him.  Yes, it’s the entire world in the same stance when talking about complete Sharia because Muslim countries don’t have appropriate system in place anywhere, some better than other, one way or the other.  It’s easy to copy right or cut and paste data by selecting to mislead people rather than  speaking productive truth for lasting beneficial legislations.
Muslims  short cut wording and dismissiveness do hurt others including Muslims.  Why western democracy is  world-widely subject? Because it’s the latest thoughtful structured as the modern. Islam is democratic. Muslims yet to be more educated of Islam and it’s fiq variability before Muslims talk about to outdate or dismiss western democracy. There probably won’t be need of dismiss it per the reformation scope of Western democracy and Fiqs variability. Certainly, Muslims must be taught not to be bias and narrow.  Who will teach them? They are in rage with certainty of know it all, in quarrel amongst themselves between one and others, proving self-righteous. My understanding.
I was concern and wrote that Muslims to be  taught Quran well to be able to apply appropriately.  I reiterated Quran must be learnt by all, Muslims and non Muslims so the Non Muslim responsible beings can verify if Quran been applied well appropriately.  Time has come, Putin spoke to Saudi with referencing Quran verses told Saud Quran says you are blessed with privileges and you need to apply it appropriately, so withdraw your troops from Yemen,  and Fighting as Jihad is allowed for your self protection so Saudi must  buy Russian arms for their protection against Iran.  However, whether Saudi needs protection against Iran is a separate matter. Saudi certainly mustn’t play  in sheltering  Israelis when Israelis aren’t playing easy with Palestinians.
About Orphan or Yatim again,  word orphan or Yatim is given a strong emotional strenght.  Muslims being selective doesn’t allow good complete teaching of social justice. Imam Malik of Madina, his mother was left after 1st night of marriage by his father, she conceived, carried out pregnancy and she gave birth to a son and named him Imam Malik. Mother raised her son teaching Quran and he was the Imam Malik. SubhanAllah Glory of Allah.  The local of course supported the lone mother raising and educating the child. What might have been his feelings about word Yatim?  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com