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Morocco appoints new innovative government

Morocco appoints new innovative government

King of Morocco Mohammed VI appointed the 24-member new cabinet headed by Saad El Othmani, the largest cabinet in the history of the kingdom.

The appointment of the Government is the first action of the sequence announced in the Royal Speech on the occasion of the Throne Day. The royal speech goes on: “We instruct the Head of the Government to submit to our Appraisal proposals for the renewal and enrichment of positions of responsibility both within the Government and in the Administration by providing them with high level profiles, chosen according to the criteria of competence and merit.”

“This does not mean, of course, that the government and the public structures do not have skills within them But, We want to use profiles with a new mentality, capable of raising the action to higher levels, to bring together the conditions for the success of this new stage, in order to finally achieve the profound change we call for,” it added.

The restructuring of the government is a real shift in government action, nothing will be like before.

The King and the Moroccan people expect concrete achievements and results from the Government. The hour is no longer for politicians and propriety calculations.

This is not just a cabinet reshuffle, it is an overhaul of the executive that is reviewed in depth: in its architecture, its profiles and its missions.

It is an operational government, designed to deliver results and not to manage everyday business. It’s not change for change.Ministers who have demonstrated their effectiveness are either maintained or redeployed.

The government translates an opening on all the competences, apart from the political orientations. It is a consensus about efficiency, beyond political parties.

It is a government that reconciles the political approach (as it is carried by a parliamentary majority), with the search for competent profiles with a mastery of their field and expertise for what is expected.

The newly appointed cabinet is not a “government of technocrats”; but a “government of skills.”

The criteria of competence and merit have prevailed within the political parties, and where they exist outside and Appointments are made on the basis of proven and recognized skills.

Half of the members of the Government are composed of new ministers; they bring freshness and express an opening on the skills where they are.

The other half are ministers who remain in office for efficiency and performance reasons, or redeployed to new areas of expertise.

About 18% of the members of the Government are women (4 out of 23). The government team also reflects openness to civil society.

This is the first government in the history of Morocco where there are no Secretaries of State. This does not mean that the Secretaries of State have been unworthy, but the Government’s orientation is today to the optimization of resources within large poles.

By its sharp profiles, its collected structure and its vocation of efficiency, the Government tends more towards the international standards.