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Dr Wolfgang Schäuble meets Prof Yunus in Berlin

 Dr Yunus

Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus with President of German parliament Dr Wolfgang Schäuble. Photo: Courtesy

Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, one of the most influential German and European politicians of recent decades currently serving as President of Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, met microcredit pioneer and Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus one-on-one in his office in Berlin recently.

The two economists discussed economic issues related to social business, poverty, microfinance, unemployment and youth during the meeting.

Schäuble has been a member of the Bundestag since 1972 and is the longest serving MP in German history. He served for 8 years under Angela Merkel as Minister of Finance, and has twice been Minister of the Interior.

Yunus and Schäuble, an ardent admirer of microcredit, had over an hour long discussion where Yunus briefed him on social business and the need for redesigning the existing framework of economics.

He drew attention to the disastrous path the existing economic system was on, and talked about the response to the concept of social business in Germany.

Professor Yunus was in Berlin to attend a Social Business Academia Conference (SBAC 2019) which is devoted to the ongoing development of the theory and the research on social business and its impact on societies around the world.

Twenty three research papers were presented at the conference by scholars from around the world.  Representatives of many of the important Yunus Social Business Centres in 81 universities in 31 countries participated in this year’s Academia Conference held in Berlin.