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Guide for choosing right red lipstick

Guide for choosing right red lipstick

It’s one energising colour, giving all of us a boost of confidence. But it can be difficult to know what shade of red will look best on your skin tone. Light skin tones and dark skin tones require different lipstick shades and undertones.While contemporary icons like Deepika Padukone and classic beauties like Cleopatra and Audrey Hepburn have owned their femme fatale vibes, it’s time we paint the town with our go-to red lipstick.

Where there is a will, there’s a way and so is the perfect red for you. It will require a lot of perseverance (swatching), but you’ll get there here with these tips.

A red lipstick is found in each and every formula. But, mind you, they never look the same once you apply it. When on a lookout to find a new colour, always do so with your favourite formula to make the entire experience less daunting. Push yourself out of your comfort zone one step at a time. After all, lipsticks aren’t just lipsticks anymore.

If you’re someone who loves liquid mattes and long-lasting formulas, try a red that matches your skin tone in that formula. If sheer glosses and tints are your go-to’s and require something that hydrates your lips, that’s what your first red should be. It is natural and once you like the colour in your favourite finish, you’ll be more open to trying it in others too.

Figure out your skin’s undertone

If you are a beauty fanatic, we are pretty sure you’ve heard the term “undertone” frequently, especially while choosing the right shade of foundation or concealer. However, the same goes with lipsticks too. For this, take a look at your veins. If they’re predominantly green, you have a warm undertone and if they’re more on the blue side, your skin has cool undertones. If you cannot decide and they seem to be a mix of both colours, you most likely have a neutral undertone and can basically get away with pretty much anything – we’re jealous!If this is hard to remember, see what suits you more. A gold necklace or a silver necklace. If gold is your thing, you have a warmer undertone. However, if its silver then you most likely have a neutral or a cool undertone.

For darker skin tones, you can handle intense shades. Deep reds and reds with blue undertones look fabulous. So do wines, berries and brick reds.

The medium skin tones are the luckiest! You have more versatility when it comes to picking a red lipstick. However, you look best in yellow or orange-based reds.

Fairer skin tones wear red for a bold pop of colour against your fair skin. They tend to look better in cool reds and berry reds with blue undertones, like cranberry.

Now that the search for “the red” lip shade is done. Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Before applying any lipstick, red or brown, gently exfoliate your lips, then apply a little lip balm and blot the excess. This is a great application for the preparation. For lips on the drier side, look for a lipstick that’s creamy or glossy and don’t forget the balm!

While mattes don’t budge usually, creamy formulas tend to bleed. A good way to ensure your lipstick stays clean and crisp is to use a lip liner to create an outline first.

Lipstick on your teeth can be super embarrassing! Once you’re done applying, use your finger to get off the excess colour on the inside of your lips. Insert a finger in your mouth, make sure your lips are locked around it and then pull it out to get rid of extra colour.