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Bangladeshi youth joins UK Royal Navy training

‘I’m so proud to be a Royal Navy member’

Bangladeshi youth joins UK Royal Navy training

Chef MD Mahedi Hasan
Trainee Chef MD Mahedi Hasan joined the Service in July 2019, arriving at the gates of HMS Raleigh, in Cornwall, UK for his induction training, according to British High Commission in Dhaka.

He has now completed an intensive 10-week course designed to teach him the skills he will rely upon throughout his career.The course culminates with the passing-out-parade when the successful recruits march out before their families and friends.

During the parade, Chef Hasan was presented with the Captain’s prize in recognition of his efforts during training.

Chef Hasan moved to the UK as a charity worker for the Scout Association. He said:  “I love scouting and the scouts gave me the courage to join the Royal Navy. The past 10 weeks have been the best 10 weeks of my life.  I’m so proud to be a member of the Royal Navy”.

With the first phase of his training complete, Chef Hasan will transfer to Defence Maritime Logistics School, within HMS Raleigh, for his professional training.

Once fully qualified, his role will range from cooking for the ship’s company on board warships or Royal Marines on land operations, to serving a fine dining experience to politically influential VIPs and royalty.

The Royal Navy’s Initial Naval Training course is underpinned by nine Core Maritime Skills that are the foundations of naval life and underpin operational effectiveness.Recruits are taught the basics of Naval discipline and customs.

They learn about navigation and are given the chance to take the helm of their own medium sized inflatable boat during a waterborne orienteering exercise.

Royal Navy personnel can also be called upon to play a vital role in land-based operations, so recruits undergo training in basic combat skills which includes survival in the field.

Fitness is a key component of the training and is delivered using a disciplined method of military fitness which focuses on developing coordination and individual physical strength and endurance.

As the course progresses, the recruits take part in three extended exercises to test their skills and understanding of the principles they have been taught.