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Aging process gets faster in winter

Aging process gets faster in winter

Here are some reasons why it is possible that the aging process gets accelerated in winters:Less moisture

Biting-cold weather and dryness are synonymous with the winter season. For the skin to look youthful and healthy, sufficient moisture is required, reports The Indian Express.

Skipping sunscreen

A common misconception is that sunscreen can be ignored because the weather is cold. But, it does not mean that you are immune to a sunburn.Remember that the sun rays can cause irreparable skin damage.

Taking hot showers

It is obvious that when the weather chilly outside, hot showers become mandatory. But, if the water is too hot, your skin gets stripped of its natural oils.Being lazy

In winters, you tend to feel lazy and under the weather more frequently. But, experts say it is important to engage in some kind of physical activity. Otherwise, you face the risk of weight gain, heart ailments and other seasonal problems.

Less exposure to sunlight

By not exposing yourself to sunlight, you bring down the levels of vitamins D and K in your body. This can lead to significant changes in the skin, including the appearance of dark circles. Once a while, you must step out and greet the sun. But remember to take your sunscreen along.