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Traditional associations of bridal jewellery

Traditional associations of bridal jewellery

Traditional or vintage jewellery is in trend this season and some of the designs are expected to capture the hearts of brides-to-be.In fact, every piece of jewellery a bride wears symbolizes something. In view of cultural diversity, the list of different traditional and contemporary jewellery pieces worn by brides would be a long one. Here are a few of them:

Nath: It is an age-old custom to wear a nath or nose ring. Nath is a symbol of a married woman like mangalsutra and bangles are in certain cultures. Ayurveda states that women with a nose pierced on the left side experience less menstrual discomfort and easier childbirth. In some religious beliefs, the size of the nath also signifies the financial power of its in-laws. One can call the nose pin as a modern term of nath.

Earrings: Glamor and beauty of temple jewellery have never disappointed jewellery lovers. The new obsession for the same has increased ten folds in recent years. From gold earrings to traditional bracelets to wedding necklace, temple jewellery is a choice you can’t ignore. The earrings are believed to work for all the brides as a shield against evil.

Raanihaar: Referred to as the queen’s necklace, this is a very traditional and royal piece of jewellery that also accentuates the bride’s beauty even more. Raanihaar can be a fashionable combination for over-the-top brides in this era!

Bajuband: This is a popular ornament traditionally worn by Indian brides, generally known as a bajuband or armlet. A stunning piece that has been a must for kings and queens in the past, it implies strength and ability.