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Get your skin party-ready with these simple tips

Get your skin party-ready with these simple tips

So here we are with five quick and easy steps to help you make your skin look fresh and healthy before your next night out.Step 1: Exfoliate

No skin is ready without exfoliating it and removing all the unwanted dry, damaged and dead cells from its surface. Doing so not only restores the smoothness and radiance of your complexion, but also ensures that your skin can absorb and benefit from all the subsequent layers you apply to it. A tip: don’t go for walnut scrubs as they can be pretty harsh on the skin, instead opt for ones with softer beads. Wash your face with lukewarm water for the pores to open and start scrubbing your face in circular motions, focusing on the T-zone. Wash only with cold water. Also, don’t forget to scrub your body. We all want that soft and moisturised skin to feel good this party season!

Step 2: Nourish

Now that you have a new layer of skin cells, you need to provide them with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and youthful and plump them up for all the make-up application. Skipping this step can result in dullness and dehydration, making the skin look flaky and dry. This step is a key part of your post-exfoliation routine. Begin by applying a nourishing face oil or a serum enriched with Vitamin C that helps in hyperpigmentation, nourishes the skin and gives it that instant lift.

Step 3: Hydrate

You may follow a strict skincare routine, but everything is incomplete if your skin in not hydrated enough. Hydrate yourself with at least a bottle of water before you head to the party. Not only that, it is important to maintain the skin’s optimum moisture levels to keep it smooth and plump, but that doesn’t mean slapping on a super-thick cream. Before a party, light layers work better and sit more evenly on the skin, ensuring your make-up applies effortlessly and doesn’t slip off. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub to ward off the dead skin and apply a lip balm for a smooth lipstick application.Step 4: Tan

If you can rock a pale complexion, you can skip this step, but for those of you who look unwell without some colour on your skin, it’s time to crack the tan. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go overboard; just stick to something sheer that gives a slight warmth without looking too obvious. Bronze up your face for that warmth and sun-kissed look which instantly makes you look healthier. For the body, apply a body shimmering liquid lotion or just a body shimmer — it’s less commitment — and not only lends a golden glow but minimises imperfections, which is ideal if you want to get your legs out this Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Step 5: Prime

The final step before you apply your make-up is to prime the skin. A good primer will not only keep your foundation in place all night but will ensure your skin is taken care of while you let your hair down on the dance floor. Apply a pore minimising or a silicon-based primer for the blur effect, and to fill in your pores for a smooth application. It evenly spreads over pores and fine lines without feeling powdery, plus it absorbs extra shine (yay! for oily skin) while keeping dry patches hydrated.