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Know how to deal with holiday hangover

Know how to deal with holiday hangover

And before you know, you will be pulled into the daily grind. This is the most confusing period because you are still reeling from the festive fever and, therefore, a tad reluctant to get going with normal life. And since life has to go on, here are some ways in which you can get over post-holiday blues.

Work on your resolutionsYour New Year resolutions give you an agenda to work on. They keep you focused, give you a sense of direction and get you going. As such, it is important to keep your resolutions simple and doable. If you set unrealistic agendas, you may not be able to achieve them, and this may leave you feeling more resentful and anxious.

Plan a holiday

Nothing like the first month of the year to plan a vacation. Travelling may give you a lot of purpose and happiness and kick-start your new year. Also, it is known to suppress your anxiety and help with depression. And with the holiday cheer slowly fading away, what better than a new place and a new environment to feel you welcomed?

Slow down

The holiday season is all about running around, managing things, meeting people, decorating the house, etc. Now that it is over, maybe it is time for you to slow down and take things one day at a time. Pretend that you are a tortoise. Relax and focus on yourself. You can join a yoga class and practise meditation.

Eat healthyYou have indulged in not-so-healthy foods these last few days, and now it is time to finally come back on track. Your mood is directly linked to the food you eat, and doctors say that it is necessary to eat a wholesome meal so as to stay in a good mental space. Eat foods like kimchi, beans, yogurt, dairy products, etc., to keep your gut healthy and do away with the lethargy.

Meet friends

Find the time for friends. Begin the year by meeting them for a weekend brunch. Socialize a bit and make some more memories. Just because the holiday season is over, it does not mean you cannot have some more fun.