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Face tools to get perfect winter glow

Face tools to get perfect winter glow


This elegant tool provides gentle yet effective massages for the eye, face, neck and body areas. It is naturally cool to touch, immediately soothing your skin and depuffing areas prone to water retention like the under-eye area. With regular and continued use, your skin will glow and look younger every time. The gentle rolling motion eases tension knots in your facial muscles and anxieties away.Derma Roller for hair growth

Just like the skin on our face, the scalp also loses collagen as we age, resulting in slow hair growth and dormant hair follicles. Derma Roller brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and induces new stem cells that support hair growth. Derma Roller is a safe and promising tool in hair stimulation and also is useful to treat hair loss.

Paraffin Socks for crack heels

A special, intensive and easy-to-use foot treatment mask that features a sock type design that envelopes the whole foot. The innovative rejuvenating formula guarantees deep and intensive regeneration and hydration of dry patches on hands, feet, and heels. It intensively smoothens out and firms the skin, lubricates and gently warms up, as well as improve the condition of the skin.

Face massager

A Face Massager through micro-vibration gives your facial muscles the right amount of stimulation in order to get a firming effect to improve the skin. It can also reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead, and neck, and instantly reshape the face contour to reveal your youthful look and energy! It can beautify your skin, only using it for 2 – 3 minutes per day.