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Rice water an essential part of skincare regimen

Rice water an essential part of skincare regimen

Regular use of rice water helps minimise the appearance of pores, and promotes cell growth. In addition, it makes your skin soft and helps balance its pH levels.

Which is why, there are many beauty products that contain rice as the main ingredient. It is also one of the prominent ingredients found in Korean skincare brands.Here are some benefits of rice:

* Rice water can be used as a natural sunscreen which protects one’s skin from harmful UV rays. Similarly, it can work as a natural cream that treats sunburns.

* It is very good for sensitive skin. It naturally soothes skin inflammation, rashes and helps in treating acne and pimples.

* It also calms the redness of an acne breakout as it acts as an astringent on the skin by tightening the pores.

*It is advisable to refrigerate rice water before applying it on the face using a cotton pad. Leave it for 10 minutes at least and rinse it with water.

* It helps to get rid of dark age spots, and to minimize free radical damages from the environment.* Rice water is rich in minerals, antioxidants, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. It also smoothes the skin texture, addresses hyperpigmentation, tightens skin, reduces pore sizes and leaves a soft porcelain-like finish for the face.

* It can also be used as a facial cleanser. This is achieved by dipping a cotton pad into the liquid and gently massaging it into the skin for two minutes and letting it air dry. Its regular use makes the face supple, soft, tight and radiant.

* It improves the complexion, as one of the key functions of rice water is to brighten the skin and provide an even skin tone. If you dip a cotton ball in fermented rice water and massage it into your face, it really works wonders.