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What is box breathing?

What is box breathing?

Box breathing is basically a breathing exercise that improves your nervous system and makes you calm. It is a relaxation technique that aims to bring our breathing back into a rhythm. It can also be seen as resetting your breath and is an effective technique for people who undergo stressful situations, those prone to panic attacks or students trying to improve their concentration.
How do you do box breathing?

It is easy to do and you don’t need any setup for this breathing exercise. One can do it at the work desk or even in a cafe. Just sit with your back supported in a comfortable chair and place the feet on the floor.* Close your eyes and breathe through the nose only.

* Feel the air entering your lungs and count one to four slowly.

* After breathing in, hold your breath and count one to four again.

* Don’t open your mouth and try to hold your breath for four seconds.

* Slowly exhale for four seconds.

* it’s recommended to repeat this cycle four times, twice a day.Resetting your breath helps the supply of oxygen to the mind and body. The autonomic nervous system which handles heartbeat or stomach digestion is regenerated with this breathing technique.

* Increase mental clarity and get more focused energy.

* Reduce physical tension in your shoulders and back.

* Reduce stress in future.

* Bring more concentration in life.