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COVID-19. March 2020

Fatema Miah:

Back in early March I pondered on these points:  Todays crises is tomorrows austerity.
Socialists addressing our gov Boris Johnsons cabinet Capitalists and claiming the Capitalists throwing out money from no where, to take it back from the poor citizens next to make it up.  “The prospects for the world economy are growing grimmer by the day. Governments are throwing everything they have at the situation. But they have run out of ammo fighting the last crisis. There is no way out under capitalism.”  There the econimists measured uk 20.000 deaths from this crises, Worse worldwide.  The institutional economy must be brought to public today in coronavirus crises.  The economsts must exercise logic of relevant to solution. The Marxist say in this crises: We must make the capitalists pay for this crisis. What do we all say?
Can we ignore some facts? COVID- 19, a pandemic, and is a crises. why not reflect back to Doughlass North and market guild on this global crises.?  The Bakers guild? Was implaced to for commons affordability and on the face of society it was appreciated to suit.  In the long run has it not promoted a tier of marker??   After all, in the lower middle class, a scope spare was created to with attempts to be up or also risked to be dropped down with loss. Upper middle tier was more stable chances and higher tier was left Priviledged and chance of upswing. Overall and after all, as usual the lower deck and the labouring group kept under a cap to their affordability with a market guild.  where ever equality was applied on even equally??
How about this riddle in this Corona crises?   A physicist, a chemist and an economist are stranded on an island, with nothing to eat. A can of soup washes ashore.  The physicist says, Let’s  smash the can open with a rock.? The chemist says, ? Lets build a fire and heat the can first.? The economist says, Lets assume that we have a can-opener? Our  politicians are devided and in syncronity with all. Further, my encounter reply to Rawls explanation principles of justice: Both principles are essentially  is one branch used separately on examples in break up in explanation of injustice. Equality is the maker of inequality. Vail of ignorance nurtured by worlds politics; and  in dealing with current worlds health from pandemic.
Touch on last recovery  stage  from Austerity.  The 1960s was a decade of change: Emerging from post-war austerity, the USA and Europe entered an economic boom underpinned by technological advances, many of which came from innovation in the war. In 1963, the prime minister of Great Britain, Harold Wilson, delivered a speech to the labour party conference calling for a new Britain to be forged in the white heat of a technological and scientific revolution. He observed that we are living at a time of such rapid scientific change that our children are accepting as part of their everyday life things which would have been dismissed as science fiction a few years
The revolution was expressed by feats of engineering and endeavour, such as the astronaut John Glenn’s flight to space and orbit of the Earth. In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. The scientific revolution meant that production could become automated. The quantity and skill of human labour was no longer a limit in industry, as technology became a major factor of production. Countries were competing with each other for ever more efficient processing of raw materials into manufactured goods. Technology not only enabled a giant leap to be made in manufacturing, but also in resource extraction. Mining, agriculture, timber harvesting, and fishing could be done by machines. In consequence, prices decreased and demand increased. Then onwards to new Millennium 2000 waken up to climatic concern.
Philosophy: Its tightened  down to society what teaches us to stick to some principles. Eventually,  years later a life time, (at least Youthhood days goes past) we realise that the principles holding on to no longer represent how we feel and who we are. We often wake up to miss the passed years and long to revert back to and to alter the society though no turning point except for to proceed ahead. Are we not guilty for abandonment of past time and for leaving mark pinned down and still continuing with same pattern marking present with same wrong of deceitful principles?
There is collective nature; of acts; courage and fear. Fear; though actually we fear no one, most  people Self- deceit and burdening with guilt to their nearest and dearest ones for their weaknesses instead of standing up responsible and open and easy. Worse of all,  enlightment or faith teaching most people also do fake it in another word ignoring for fake deceitful societical norm, and burden carried on pushed down to next generation for them to be guilty or rebellious.  Consideration isn’t a norm rather doth protest is louder. Muslims across UK been buying extra groceries and stocking up, and the Asian shops began selling in raised up sky high price. Where is any faith and consideration?
There is art of ignorance is violated as I perceived: China infecting world with viruses and let alone  action against China, there is plan or proposal in place to talk against Chinas acts. People crying for dear lives, governments striving hard to save nations, and concern beings sacrificing for others. China getting on with industrialisation at any cost and  in increasing of it’s profit making at any cost. Chinas production us in boom.  Such crises; entire world facing economic loss. China caused such crises worldwide and Chinas economy still in upswing while rest the world suffering.   UK governments packages of offer is fair. I don’t as usual fit in any category of receiving. Never mind fair enough.
Eventually, World in straight amicable manner directing to Chinas responsibility with bills for dealing with COVID-19 pandemic crises.