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Mahe Ramadan Kareem of COVID -19 era year 2020.



Fatema Miah:


May Allah shower Rahma and Rahima the blessing and mercy on us human kind, in this blessing month of Ramadan.  It’s COVID-19 Ramadan this year. It’s indeed a testing year after all,  I come  to feel of today as, the time  had slide down into Ramadan beginning tonight, on the night of 23rd April 2020.  COVID-19 crises began with new year and became a shock wave across the globe.

As Ramadan, the holy and fasting Islamic lunar  month begins tonight, it certainly, a second and hard sharp jolt, for Muslims I believe as, for the 1st time in my motherhood of two decades, the congregational Tarawee prayers isn’t taking place. The 1st jolt was stopped of Friday prayers at the wake of Pandemic with declaration of lockdown in March.   In the past years, I argued, contradicted to old phrase of “ History repeats itself”, I advocated history doesn’t repeat it’s-self, about war mongering and human suffering.  In this Pandemic, I am speechless, astounded.

Is history repeated by itself? In the 19th century there were several  Cholera outbreak, it was testing time for Muslims. And there in Bengal famine accompanied alongside Cholera outbreak and it was  indeed  testing time of Ramadan.  We atleast are in well medically advanced and well  organised and politically correct society now, in this 2020 Ramadan, yes its  concerning in lockdown state, though we have enough to feed our mouth in UK, (way better than other places), back then, people died of  starvation.  Our conscientious political correct  society must take care of that history isn’t repeated in term of starvation to death matter.

About history and pandemic, is it caused and repeated by itself?   Anyway, is COVID-19, anyhow comparable to Cholera? In Middle East, Saudi Arabian regions of Jezan, Asharkia including  Makkah was covered in Cholera pandemic.  Prayers in Holly Mosques were suspended, and pilgrim, Hajj and Umra  rituals were also cancelled during the pandemic era.  Mind you that was the globalized and modernised acclimation era of power exchanges and fall and rise of power, and shifting and transferring  of power underhandedly and Muslims also been playing power in the name of  Islam.  Undeniably, Muslim supressed Muslims and caused suffering, and deaths  for power,  in power and in power crave.  Simultaneously,  western superiority and dictation continuously remained in piloting.

Then, again its been an era of  messed up of Muslims acts, wrong doings were in mass,  power  been played and used in reaction, faith and Mosques were taken as possessions, business  and shields.     Since, Mosques been compelled to closed down globally for COVID-19, , people of faith must contemplate; for self-searching wrong doings; saying, perceptions, adopted attitudes and ignorances, to renew the faith.  God forgiving! For the sake of Islam and its true teaching. Muslims vocabulary has become a concerning  issue  as well as their  stereotyping has spit out to more stereotype narrow further categories.  The teachers are wrong in preaching resulting to multiple further wrong perceptions of pseudo kinds.

Ramadan is a holy month,  as well as fasting during the day,  prayers in the night, also charity is a big deed of this month, per meetings and greetings not allowed, we can still give charity, exchange gifts and of course can send well wishes to emotionally comfort people. Best and the 1st charity and gift is smile (positive facial impression), good words and to refrain from ill talks. Self correction is the 1st and foremost must act.   Thank God, we have technology handy in this era for communication and to connect far away. May Allah help us to correct ourselves (those unintentionally in wrongs,) and those by habit and intentionally in wrong, unwilling to correction, and deny their ill doings with lies, playful, may Allah the supreme of justice single them out and protect the society and Islam.

Muslim brothers and sisters, please be watchful and thoughtful of phrases and selection of vocabulary. Be extra careful of hearing and comprehension and admit to your likelihood  of mishearing, misperception and lacking of full understanding.  Majority Muslims demography of world,  English is universal though  your second language so please do not jump to conclusion per reactionsm is haram.  Red light , colour Red and light illumination.  Red And light both are fundamental and core vital phrases of science: From  the natural science to advanced atomic.  Why Muslims 1st perception of Red Light association to past centurys sin-city kind?

The seitan is chained in this holy month Ramadan, and blessing angels are descended down from the heaven to earth in this Month of Ramadan.  People with Iman, our Muslims in the recent years became incompatible of faith and too many became as in set up mission of faulting others with assumptive lie accusation, when themselves are fake, faulty liers. Do Muslims need correction? Specially, the English as second language, modern claiming, playful,  power users  and loud voicing, by pressing others down by play, tactics, politicize, and magic.  May God wipe-off  devil minded or  mind-sets,   with COVID-19 for a better society.   Ameen.