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Onion should be eaten every day in summer

Onion should be eaten every day in summer

Summers are here! As the heat rises, there are many common health problems that we have to tackle. Onion is one of the beneficial foods which should be eaten every day during this season. The root vegetable absorbs a great amount of nutrients from the soil. Packed with high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and iron, it helps to keep our body system clean.
Improves digestion: Digestive problems are quite common during summer season. This pungent vegetable helps in increasing the release of digestive juices which helps in proper digestion and thus cures digestion- related problems. Also, the soluble fiber present in this vegetable promotes the growth of good bacteria in your intestines and improves digestion. The vegetable may treat diarrhea and gastric ulcers too.Rejuvenates the body: Onion is a powerful vegetable to rejuvenate the body tissues. It may replenish the electrolytes in the body due to the presence of high amount of potassium and sodium in them.

Cools down the body temperature: Onion contains volatile oils which help to regulate the temperature of the body. The root vegetable should be eaten regularly in its raw form to enjoy its cooling effects.

Helps to treat heat stroke: Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause heat stroke. If left untreated, it may damage brain, heart and other internal organs. Eating raw onions helps to prevent heat stroke by keeping the body cool from inside. Onion paste is very effective to treat heat stroke because it contains great absorbing properties. Applying this paste on forehead, back of the ears and chest is an effective remedy to treat heat stroke. In addition, onion juice can be applied externally on sun-burned skin as a great cure.

Boosts immunity: Eating raw onions regularly reduces the risk of contracting diseases. The tendency of falling sick increases during the summer season as our immunity diminishes during this period. The polyphenols present in these flavourful bulbs act as antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals and help in boosting immunity.

Onions are very useful to be consumed during summer. Prefer to eat them in their raw form regularly in salads, sandwiches, burgers, chaats, snacks etc. to be healthy in this season.