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Covid-19. Night of Qadr and  Eid.  

Fatema Miah:


All over the world People  complete reciting, and reading Quran over the month of Ramadan. Most  have read complete Quran all over from the beginning to the end, and some have repeatedly done the same many times; more than once, twice, three times or more. May Allah accept our recitations, readings efforts and performances, Ameen.  Ramadan is the month of Al- Quran as well as the month of Ramadan is time of fasting. It is in Quran that is instructed Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan. In it also it is clarified the well and able adults to fast and from the dusk to dawn. This year 2020 Ramadan has been a complete full turn year in my entire (40 plus years of) life. A trial I believe, not only for Iman and faith rather a  trial for correcting faith, Covid-19 demanding to reflect and restart on the changed path to right guidance.

As Previously wrote;  Al-Quran the last testimony was first revealed on the 27th night of Arabic, Lunar ninth calendar month of Ramadan, dated back to 609 AD in the month of December the date calculated about to be on the 22nd.   The Miracle from the heaven was sent, or descended on to the earth In the month of December, it is  the time of when Larger part of Western population do hold a celebration claiming it to be a holy season on the basis of a believe that it was a miraculous time.      The Quran was verbally revealed by Allah SWT to Muhammad peace be upon him through the angel Gabriel or Jibril. Quran literally means recitation. Revelation gradually continued over a period of approximately 23 years, which began on 22 December 609 CE until when Muhammad peace be upon him was age of 40, and finally concluding in 632, in the year of his death. Quran is in Arabic Language and during prayers, the Quran is recited only in Arabic exactly as it is written in Quran. The Quran is used along with the hadith to interpret sharia law.  Also other revelations of Torah, Gospel, Book of David and other scriptures were revealed in the month of Ramadan throughout history of prophets-hood.

Usually, the tradition of Quran recitation known as Khatam Tarawee in congregation  followed everywhere by Muslims all over the world.  And this year it has been exempt by lockdown because of  Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been a non-uniform method of Islam practice applied this year.  Quran is memorised by Muslims to be recited in Prayers. All Muslims memorised parts of Quran at least small parts of it. Most Muslims memorised one thirtieths or fraction of it and some memorised the whole Quran by heart. Those memorised Quran are called Hafiz. Those who leads prayers are called Imams, I explained previously.  Ramadan coming to an end soon and it’s last 3rd part of blessing, night of power and time of Quran.  At the end of Ramadan it is the beginning of another month called Shawl and Eid is celebrated with further prayers on the birthday of month of Shawl.  During this period there Saudi government ordered a strict lockdown began with a 24 hour curfew this week to control the spread of pandemic.  As a non-uniform manner,  Eid ul Fitr will be passing in non-celebratory manner this year, Covid-19 Eid of year 2020.

COVID-19 demand  Correct mannerism. May Allah help people to be corrected,  Pause will force to think correct or halt on reactionsm. It said to be half-way, through, Patience and positive thinking is the best aspects shall take us through. In lockdown frustration, have a think about past decades of world, Afghanistani, Syrian and Iraqi people, Palestinians past century, abnormality been regular norm over there. India has been an attention drawing point. May God grace be on us. Certainly austerity ahead of us as I raised in Early stage, our ministers addressed it eventually. A collective endover has been helping maintaining the situation in UK.   COVID-19 is global and diversity. Whole world is in one topic; discussion, precaution, and Crises. May Allah make things easy. Ameen.

A century ago a new era of melancholy began and marked the change of worlds system. There was a turn. over two WW sharp rose austerity, and changed worlds  directions. Empires  foulded down and new separate powers began, and so the key to Islamic world or relics also changed in direction.  Now, the changer is certainly the COVID-19, the changer, and 2020 a curved marked year of changing history again.  Further, COVID-19 took attention off climatic issues; when the planet earth facing serious stage. 2030 weather is a matter of alert worlds policy makers and global climatic researchers cannot forget, what is only 10 years ahead.   However, Covid-19 is a changer, forced regulation in place, and its a learning point,  there are a lot we can learnt on the go, and continue to imply. Our recent past super-fast pace suddenly forced to or came to halt, we are forced to  slow down by Covid-19, or under Covid-19 lockdown.  I believe it as a positive changer.

On completion of Ramadan Fasting, before the Eid prayers, a small charity deed is obligatory to give Fitrana which must be paid before Eid-ul Fitr.  Fitrana is an obligation on every Muslim, whether male or female, minor or adult as long as he/she has the means to do so, or parents and independents pay on behalf of children and the dependents.  Eid Prayers will not be taken place, due to pandemic lockdown, the  Zakatul-Fitr  £4 per head what is obligatory  can be paid out to poor and needy through online sources,  with additional charity instead of buying new clothes for Eid.  We can send out  gifts what is beauty of Islam as all traditions, and faiths. The greetings, SubhanAllah still  is passable due to technology advancement and connect ability.  I wish you all a SAFE Eid, Eid Mubarak and Eid Saeed.

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