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New world order shall begin

Fatema Miah:

2020 seems to be a turning point for new world order.
History not repeated as such though chapters opening up back again to rewrite to add lines of giving conclusion to past paragraph.
British Empire was past and history though while still we are on it, writing reflection and evaluating the historians marked posts, flipping back to open up closed pages of past written  chapters to jot in in the later updates.
Black Lives Matter indeed. Yes.
USA federation is shame
UK though  isn’t same.
White domination and cruelty not approve-able.
Though White lives also matter
Attacking on UK officers cannot be acceptable.
Lee Rugby and PC Palmer were  killed by black man,
there Islamic anger was dragged in it.
Cecil Rhodes played Christianity and left mark of cruelty.
Demands for removal of Cecil Rhodes statue is fair.
There is resentment and anger up in air.
Colstons statue removed in the recent past.
Churchill’s statue removal is it now must?
Its about Churchill Statue removal??
Matter of thinking deep and to consider overall.
About sir Winston  Churchill, in his hard striving for keeping up the  British Empire,  Churchill starved my  grandmother in post- natal stage to death and made my baby father orphan,  motherless, by causing famine in Bengal. I must think deep about Churchill, what to verdict about  Churchill’s statue?
There also fate of Islam was marked by Churchill’s ruthless impolite hatred.
Simultaneously, Sajid Khan is right to defend to keep Churchill’s statue up in London undamaged untouched, per his duty of being the London Mayor .
I would do the same if I was the London mayor. And keeping statues up doesn’t harm worlds new  order neither pulling down can change the past.
From death of US George Floyd, it stirred up the past history of British imperialism. A black mans death on the hand of white, in police custody triggered the Black and white line of racism factor what has been  an ongoing issue specially in USA.
White men’s domination in USA, and black inferior treatment  continued  throughout even under black president Barack Obama. White men’s domination with cruelty towards black goes back to pre imperial time period.
I recommend read of heart of darkness. and pearls and swine. African people were treated as species of unlike kind by our British imperialists’ and Rhodesia by Rhodes, there   marked history of, Black men’s life was matter of, at the mercy of white man for no apparent fault.
English men domination was black people’s fate, it was matter of English men and Europeans reaction of mood. To be killed or be left alive to tortured to enslavement.  USA stood up, with its white plant workers and the black slaves, and power abuse continued with race discrimination.
A new world order began with dismantle  of British Empire. Centuries passed modern era, into post millennium integrational global fair trade  world, and power abuse never stopped.  Power been shifted out.  Pakistan and Israel allowed power exercise supported by USA, and there Saudi also renown.
In the name of freedom of speech too many wrongs encouraged. Muslims groups of women  became aggressive unnecessarily defensive of Islam and been encouraging hate.  There some others been attacking Islam.
A New world order is must, a global system should be in place. A new turning point has occurred and the change is inevitable.  Covid-19, has put whole world in one condition,  indiscriminatingly and interconnected through tech for the 1st time ever.
My personal chapter of brief, in 45 plus years of life, having pain, 30 years of striving, escaping attacks from many with false and hidden agenda, and with jealousy, keeping nose off the grindstone  followed on 27 years of manipulation and hitting in dark, horrendous tolerance cracking, after past 12 years of shaking stress.
Rock solid tolerance cracked in worse devastating past seven years of dreadful,  extremely horrendous torning down to pieces, weighted down of repression, devastating pain and in dark calamity.
Glory to God in all condition, Alhamdulillah for the 1st time in life I am feeling fullest  well and clarity of vision. And Thanks to God,  Alhamdulillah, again,  in the Covid- 19 era,  I like Species (and my sons) feeling well in heart and mind. After all. Sukraan Allah Kathiraan le sukun. Thanks to God million times, What a tanquality. Bliss.

.  Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. [email protected]