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Lifestyle changes for a healthy monsoon

The onset of monsoons brings much relief, but with rain showers comes the risk of infections and ill-health. The risk of being exposed to multiple viruses, bacteria, parasites and other infections is two times higher during the monsoon than in any other season.

The high moisture content in the air and water accumulation enables harmful microorganisms to thrive, leading to a number of health-related ailments. Usually, the common monsoon diseases remain undetected until there is a major symptom or a big impact on the health of a person. Early diagnosis and a few preventive and hygiene measures can keep you stay safe during this season, reports IANS.

Strengthen your immunity

A person with a weak immune system gets infected easily. Have a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables and cereals. Drinking green tea can also help in strengthening your immunity. Monsoon is the perfect time for pathogens to thrive. This time of the year cases of viral fevers, bacterial, and other parasitic infections are rampant. A strong immune system guards our body against harmful infections and bacteria.

Maintain personal hygiene

Take good care of yourself. Keep your skin dry and maintain personal hygiene. Moisture or dampness attracts the growth of infections that in turn weakens the immunity system.

Stay hydrated

During monsoons people feel less thirsty and hence this reduces their intake of water. However, the body needs the optimum intake of water, irrespective of the season. It’s imperative to drink lots of purified water to curtail the risk of stomach-related ailments. You can also swap your morning cup of tea with herbal teas like ginger tea, chamomile tea, etc, which act as good immunity boosters.

Avoid having street food

Fruit and vegetables that are cut and sold on the roadsides should be strictly avoided. The road is usually filled with potholes full of water and mud. These form perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful microorganisms. Food items that are left exposed in the open air at the roadsides are likely become dwelling places for harmful infective organisms.

For a healthy monsoon, do not compromise on two essentials – adequate sleep and a regular exercise regimen.